Are there more challenges with Keto in the summer heat?  We often have summertime   memories of chilled watermelon, homemade ice cream, ripe peaches, and fresh corn on the cob. Then add in BBQs, vacations, pool parties and beach time and it might be easy to get distracted from your health and weight loss goals. You know how much you love the carefree “fun of summer” but you won’t love the potential weight gain it can bring!

If it seems like you could never succeed with your Keto plan with all these delicious temptations and multiple opportunities to cheat, here are some tips to make staying Keto even easier in the summer:

Keto Food, Drinks & Socializing!


Keto food is so delicious that with a tiny bit of pre-planning you can stick to your diet during all the fun times without feeling like you are missing out.   When attending small social gatherings this summer just go prepared! Plan to bring a bag of pork rinds or grain free chips, so you can enjoy the salsa and they’re fantastic with guacamole!  Or, how about keto crackers with salami and cheese? Or, celery and green veggies with ranch dip. Do yourself a favor and talk to your hostess in advance and let her know you’re eating Keto. Make sure she plans to have a protein and some veggies then offer to bring a fresh green salad.

Also, bring your own alcohol so you can drink Keto-approved cocktails.  That way you are sure there is no juice or sugary ingredients! Please do drink responsibly…when living Keto, you get drunk faster.

Stay Hydrated!

Lots of times cravings and hunger are nothing but a symptom of dehydration and lack of electrolytes.  Make sure you drink plenty of water throughout the day.  Have a glass of water, and a pinch of pink salt, add some stevia sweetened electrolytes and then decide if you are hungry. Often when you feel hungry, you’re simply dehydrated.

Be prepared so you do NOT cheat!

Having an occasional Keto treat is totally OK, and encouraged, to keep away any temptations for carb-laden non-Keto foods. There are so many great recipes with everything from cake to cookies to pies and breads.  Some of my favorites are homemade strawberry-rhubarb cobbler, chocolate chip cookie dough fat bombs, lemon bars and bagels.  Or, to make it convenient it’s easy to find Keto products like ice cream and chocolate bars in the grocery stores.  Keep it easy peasy and you will find something to take care of any craving you might have.

If You Cheat!

If you eat something non-keto it is not the end of the world. Trust me, it happens. But what you need to do is to not feel guilty, just do better the next day! Drink water, keep your fat up to ignite ketosis, get your carbs as low as you can and get right back into the keto lifestyle.  One cheat will not break all your progress. Just don’t let that one cheat turn into a full summer of cheats!

You Can do This!

Sticking to the keto diet does not have to impact your summer plans or stop you from doing anything.  In the long run you will still savor the memories…and it might make your summer even more delicious.

I hope these tips will motivate you to enjoy summertime, be outrageous, and live “Keto Out Loud”!  You’ll be glad you did J

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