A common question asked by most everyone considering Keto is, “How long will it take Keto to work for me?”

After asking this most people readily admit they’ve made their decision to lose weight and get healthy, so they are ready to jump in now.  And, may be a bit impatient.  They have researched Keto and read testimonials about how you can have crazy weight loss in a short time on Keto.  Sometimes, they go on to say, “If I don’t get noticeable results quickly, I’m vulnerable and could cave in and go back to bagels, bread, chips, desserts and pasta.”

That’s where I step in to help them manage their expectations and challenge them to give it their best and see what happens.  Everyone is different but I can guarantee that Keto works amazingly fast when done properly and with customization nuanced to your body, health, and lifestyle.   Another factor to consider when starting Keto is how aggressive do you want to be in your weight loss.  I have some clients who want to go fast and others who prefer to go slow and steady.  Either way Keto works and will get you to your goal!

Is Keto Worth It?


In my own personal experience, it took me about a week to realize keto worked and was worth it. In my first week of easing into Keto and cutting carbs and sugars, I dropped 7 pounds without any exercise.

And, while that may seem like a lot, many people lose up to 10 pounds in their first week on Keto. To be honest, it’s not the weight loss that convinced me this was more of a lifestyle than a diet.  It was actually “living” these benefits that won me over:

  • I no longer thought about food ALL the time.
  • My cravings for sweets were diminished and manageable.
  • I stopped feeling grumpy, uncomfortable, and bloated.
  • I had a lot more energy and motivation. And, not just with food but every area of my life.
  • My face looked thinner in the mirror, my eyes were brighter, and my skin looked amazing.
  • My clothes felt looser around my stomach and weren’t tight anymore.
  • I felt confident and optimistic that “this” way of eating was right for me. My body was loving Keto foods.

Fast forward – It’s been over two years and I continue to experience these benefits. In addition, I feel happier, healthier and it’s been easy to maintain my goal weight. I love having one size of clothes in my closet and no longer yo-yo dieting.  It’s no wonder I’m still doing keto to this day…and loving every moment of it.

Don’t Wing It

What advice would I give anyone looking to do the same?  Don’t “wing it”, because figuring out what to eat on your own, figuring out macros and making the lifestyle adjustments takes time and can be confusing when using “Google Coach”.  There is a lot of misinformation online about Keto.  It isn’t a one-size-fits all diet and it requires customization.

Instead of gutting it out on your own, and to greatly increase your chances of success, reach out to a trained coach, like myself, to help you with the lifestyle changes needed.  Learn the basics of the diet in the proper way from the very start and jumpstart your progress.

If I were coaching you, we’d review Keto food lists, eating plans, basic do’s and don’ts, personal goals, common mistakes, proven diet hacks, etc.  Then we’d start by you “Telling me Your Rules”.  We’d spend as much time as needed on that one topic and look at what foods you crave, what foods you can’t live without, your expectations, goals, health, sociability,  etc. that you expect Keto to deliver.

Why?  You can have the perfect Keto food plan mapped out, use an app to track your food and macros but without the right mindset and comprehensive customization you are setting yourself up for failure.

When all these important factors are considered, and perfected, you’ll end up with a workable action plan to help you past any barriers you might have. Combine that with expert guidance, accountability, and support…the true magic of Keto happens!

About Michelle Borthwick: Michelle is a Keto Lifestyle coach, a Seasoned expert on Customized Keto.  Keto weight loss results can be greatly improved with Coaching, Customization, Accountability, and a Trusted partner to guide you every step of the way.  Michelle offers private sessions, proven Keto diet hacks, meal plans, proprietary customization, goal setting, ongoing support and more. If you are interested in customizing Keto for you and your lifestyle, book a 30 minute complimentary private coaching session online at KetoIsEasyCoach.com