The cannabis industry is exploding worldwide. More and more countries are legalizing medical cannabis use. Scientific studies are everywhere. Legislators in Congress and other states are moving to expand its use beyond cancer pain or seizures. More physicians skilled in its use are writing books.

There are studies being conducted to determine which strain will be most effective for which disease. Green Flower media gives access to multiple videos on Basic Cannabis 101. Multiple modes of delivery of this cannabis drug are being developed from tinctures, creams, massage oils, and transdermal patches for longer relief during the day.

The question is how the public acquires knowledge about this plant that has been prohibited for over 70 years. It is difficult to read books. Finding a physician who is skilled in prescribing or a dispensary that has safe reliable products that are affordable is a laborious task. Not everyone can grow their own cannabis. There are multiple environmental events that can destroy the plant including too much sun, too much moisture, molds, and pesticides. Most home growers cannot test their plant for its efficacy.


Where are the lectures by scientist, physicians, chemist, or nurses who give the reliable information? Where to find and access medical cannabis is the most common and pressing question we have. I have found the perfect way for the public to gain a comprehensive basic knowledge which demystifies the fear and myths around cannabis and especially the dreaded molecule THC.

Google The Sacred Plant. The second season is now airing on the Internet. Just think, the second season. How did we not know about the first season? There are seven episodes that show examples of very sick children and adults who had debilitating diseases which left them dying or in bed who are not walking, pain free and leading a normal life after being treated with cannabis. Many of these stories show patients who were on multiple pharmaceuticals that elicited dangerous side effects leading to terminal organ failure.

These episodes are heart wrenching. Will make you cry. Will dissolve your fears, misgivings and give hope to millions of viewers who have nowhere to go for medical treatment because doctors are at a loss as to what to preform next. Topics like; Healing secrets examined; Stopping Pain, Insomnia, Anxiety, and Autoimmune Conditions; Ending suffering for our children: Autism Seizures and More; This Boy Couldn’t Speak Until; Outpouring of Emotions and More; Cancer part 1; Cancer part 2; This will blow you away: Extending the Quality and Quantity of Life For Us and Our Beloved Pets; Accessing The Sacred Plant: The Unjust Laws and How To Navigate Them; and finally Treating PTSD & Selecting Your Medicine, Dosage, and a Qualified Doctor.

If you cannot view the videos because the free access has ended for some of the episodes the option of purchasing the videos for classrooms, medical education, seminars or just sharing to friends and family. Viewers after seeing an episode have clicked on Facebook and Twitter to share the video.

The Sacred Plant series is a five-star way to become educated on cannabis. I encourage everyone to watch these videos to learn the value of this miracle plant and why the government and the pharmaceutical industry is hiding this information.

I guarantee you will come away shocked and maybe a tiny bit angry that the science of cannabis has been hidden from view for so many years.

Ruth Hill educates the public on cannabis

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