By Craig Michaels

Hollywood may be the place to go for actors who want to work on their craft while waiting to be discovered but the Coachella Valley has become the new hot spot for up and coming musicians looking to get signed. With many recording studios and promoters now calling the Coachella Valley their home, there has been a steady increase of musicians coming here with aspirations of expanding their careers to a national audience.

Platinum Star Management based out of Palm Desert is in the business of grooming young artist who are looking for help with their careers. Owner of Platinum Star, Zack Huff, has teamed up with Currency Stack record label to help him promote many of his future super stars. One of the breakout artists currently signed by Huff is rapper Hunned Grand Who King. Huff discovered the rapper in Detroit while touring with some of his other acts.

Growing up in the birthplace of Motown, Hunned Grand Who King (Tyrone Hill) is no stranger to the music world. At age 14, he began recording his own music and began making a name for himself in the underground world of Hip Hop music. It was his fans that would name Hunned Grand the king of underground Hip Hop and gave him his name: Hunned Grand Who King. Grand had always dreamed of coming to California to further his music career. Thirteen years later he is living his dream with the help of Zack Huff.


Being crowned the unofficial king of underground Hip Hop, it is not a surprise Grand’s new album is titled – “King Shit.” So far his freshman album has already sold 30,000 units in Southern California. To further promote the King Shit album, Grand will be performing at the Unsigned Band Contest June 22, at the Red Barn in Palm Desert. The contest sponsored by Currency Stack Entertainment, will give ten unsigned bands a chance to compete for cash and prizes which include a photo and video shoot for the winning band.

Grand who has recently signed with Currency Stack Entertainment is excited to build his fan base in the Valley and has decided to give back to his fans by giving them free downloads of his new album by going to If you would like to know more about the unsigned band contest or would like to contact Hunned Grand Who King, you can send an e-mail to: or call (760) 424-9000.