Growing up, Ming Bob Tan had a variety of jobs from being a dishwasher and cook to repairing video games and working security at local bars. Even today Ming Bob performs many jobs as a talent buyer / tour manager / marketing and promotions person.

Ming Bob’s love of music began when he and his best friends Orlando, Homer, and Steve, formed the Mingtran Band. “We played all around locally from house generator parties, garages, warehouses, record stores, bars and venues,” recalls Ming Bob, “then we got a van where we went anywhere and everywhere we could that would let us play.” The band has not played together since 2000 but Ming Bob now spends his time here in the desert on the other side of the business promoting and booking talent under Ming Bob Productions.

The many years of touring with his band and playing numerous shows with some of the biggest bands today paid off. Ming Bob and his band mates became friends with many big celebrities when they were just starting out. He kept in contact with most of them. Ming Bob now taps into those contacts to put on shows with “great vibes and great people.”

Over the past sixteen years, Ming Bob Productions has produced a little over two-thousand shows. The highlight was playing tour manager for two years covering every major city in the USA with Invitro and then Snot from 2007 to 2008.


It’s hard for Ming Bob to say what the most memorable moment has been over the years of booking and promoting bands, but playing black jack in Vegas with Vinney Paul (formally the drummer for Pantera now the Hellyeah’s) and Mikey Doling (The band Snot) is towards the top of the list, along with hanging out with John Dolmayan (drummer System Of A Down) at his comic book warehouse that had 2 million comic books.

Here are a few Ming Bob productions to put on your calendar:

June 22nd
(18+ With I.D.)
$10 Pre-Sale at

August 3, 2012
HR BAD BRAINS ( Lead singer HR of Bad Brains, Rocky Jorge and Luichi Mayorga of Suicidal Tendencies, Norwood Of Fishbone ) an all star famous cast. (more details to come)
for more information on these or other Ming Bob productions you can e-mail him at

Written By: Craig Michaels

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