Yes, like MLK, I too had a dream, a dream that all insurance companies treated victims fairly and lawyers did not have to beg and file lawsuits to get fair settlements. Unfortunately, the reality is that insurance companies don’t give plaintiffs a fair shake, and lawsuits are often necessary to get the most money possible.

SO UNDER THE CURRENT REALITY, IS YOUR LAWYER MAXIMIZING YOUR PI RECOVERY? The answer is no, if s/he doesn’t do the following:

The lawyer must advise the injured plaintiff to use their cell to get pictures of all cars involved; pix of all injuries and of the defendant driver. The cell phone should be used to get statements from all parties and wits, and to take a picture of the CDL and Insurance Card. The Attorney must advise the plaintiff to not talk to the insurance company or police until their lawyers ok’s it, and to take down all social media. It’s not always what you say, but what they thought you said.

The attorney must secure medical treatment that discovers all your medical problems, from the top of your head to the bottom of your toes. The injured party must see doctors who are trained in preparing a Med-Legal Report. This is not something taught in most medical schools and is the single most important thing in a trial lawyers opinion.


The doctor you see must learn if you have: headaches; dizziness; nausea or vomiting; sensitivity to noise; feeling depressed or tearful; easily angered; feeling frustrated or impatient; forgetful or having poor memory problems; taking longer than usual to think; light sensitivity; feeling yourself withdrawing or making excuses to others; are small events getting on your nerves?; becoming extremely pessimistic; frequent worrying over things that never bothered you before; experiencing unusual nervousness when driving and tightening neck and shoulder muscles when you hear breaks screech; having episodes of rapid heartbeat and or breathing; having repeated nightmares visualizing the scary event;

scared when brakes screech or someone hits the horn; looking in rear view and side mirror at stops; not wanting to drive on the same street; difficulty concentrating; sweating or trembling; hot flashes never before experienced; nightmares sensing yourself in danger, or odor of gasoline; feeling guilty of having a family member join you that day and your getting injured; having function problems with work/studies, having to repeat things; having problems completing normal tasks and taking much longer to do them; anxious and frustrated with impairment from injuries and scared of losing your job because you cannot perform certain activities

1. Call Police
2. Hire a LOCAL lawyer who has been an accident victim asap
3. Be honest and don’t hide prior accidents from your lawyer or doctor?
4. Don’t miss medical appointments or have gaps in treatment.
5. Purchase adequate insurance.
6. Follow your lawyers advice about repairs.
7. Silence is Golden.
8. Get immediate medical treatment with a doc that is trained in writing med/legal reports.
9. Don’t treat with the wrong doctor who says take 2 aspirin and come back in a month
10. Don’t handle the case yourself.
11. Treat with a doctor experienced in preparing med/legal reports
12. TAKE DOWN ALL SOCIAL MEDIA (FACEBOOK/ X): Don’t post that you’re feeling great or running to play tennis or golf. The insurance company will argue if you were well enough to play a sport you couldn’t be hurt that badly. Social media is the biggest advance for insurance companies who no longer have to hire private investigators. They learn from your daily posts how you are doing and that could be the kiss of death for your case. Take down your social media until the case is over. The insurance company can learn of your friends and have investigators talk to them and learn how healthy you are. Your friends may assume you are ok because you do not complain.

Dale Gribow, is a distinguished “Boutique Concierge” CV PI/DUI firm, with over 20 “TOP LAWYER” AWARDS4  “Dale Gribow Days”; 8 “Man of the Year” Awards (City of Palm Desert, City of Hope and California Senate)…and awarded “Mr. Charity.” The caseload is limited, and calls are answered and returned, the “OLD FASHIONED” way…by Dale, not an assistant.