“I just want to be slim. Then I’ll be happy. That is the answer to all my problems.”

Have you ever thought that if you could just be “slim” then ______ (insert problem) would be better? Maybe you have imagined that losing weight would be the magical answer that would propel you to excel in life.

When we are hunting down the cause of our troubles, our physical flaws; especially weight become an easy target.


“Skinny” and “fat” can easily become metaphors for “happy” and “sad.”

I just want to be skinny may really mean I just want to be happy.

It is easy to get signals crossed when we are steeped in a society that believes physical beauty and thinness will gaurantee self-confidence, happiness, love, and health. But that is certainly not the case.


Body image and weight can become the thing we focus on and try to “fix.” They become daily “focused-problem” that takes all our attention and focus.

But, when we think about it, there are some problems we prefer over others. This could be problems we think we know how to solve. Some challenges are easier than others and some struggles are familiar, almost comfortable.

Let’s take diet and exercise as an example. While the vast majority of our clients come to us for exercise related help, they often have other struggles in their lives such as depression, anxiety, dissatisfaction with their career, or relationship troubles.

They are very aware that a change is needed in other areas of their lives, but they just don’t know where to start.  So, they focus on food and working out.

I just want to be skinny,” they say. But it’s about so much more.

Diets feel comfortable compared to more intense personal, emotional challenges. They know the ups and downs, the celebrations and heartaches of trying to “fix” their bodies and food. So, they seek comfort there.


Is being “skinny” the be-all and end-all?

The first step in untwisting the desire to be skinny “NOW” by separating the desire for thinness from our desire to be happy, confident, and in control.

When we are content with our worth and value, the desperate grasping for being skinny stops.

How we eat becomes more about how we can fuel our purpose and honour ourselves and less about reaching some specific number on the scale. As sabotaging thoughts fade, eating within our body’s hunger and fullness signals gets easier.

Exercise can now be about enjoyment and movement, and we may actually start to look forward to it.

This shift in thinking has created the environment for natural long-term weight loss. It feels backward but this is the “forward” way that reveals why many have failed to make long-term changes in the past. Don’t be disappointed, take a big breath filled with relief… this time can be different!

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