It’s not often I feel I can speak for an entire community. The emotions I’m experiencing now provide a platform for boldness in saying that we will all miss our beloved brother, husband, friend, father, uncle and bandmate, Jacinto “Chad” Cancino. Chad passed away on March 5, 2024, after a long battle with cancer, he was 59.

I first met Chad as a child through my father who was close with his parents Ruben and Julia Cancino. I remember hanging out with his brother Mike and we would attend rehearsals for he and his brothers’ band Mr. Moto in their garage. I was mesmerized by Chad then and almost 40 years later, I recall seeing him perform with Mark Gregg at Fantasy Springs Casino’s 12th Floor Lounge ‘Twelve’ equally enchanted by his voice and bass playing.

In 2018, Chad and his family received the Coachella Valley Weekly Pioneer Award. The award emphasizes the Cancino’s paving the way for other Latinos and other artists. Ruben Sr. taught Pancho, Carlos, Benny, Maria, Jorge, Connie, Ruben, Chad and Mike how to play guitar and sing. As the second youngest, Chad was treasured by his siblings for his musical virtuosity. In 2014, I asked Chad about his upbringing. “I played bass first at 7 years old and then gravitated to drums at 9 where I for the most part stayed. I sang while I played drums with encouragement from Benny, my older brother.” Chad played in Unplugged the Band with John Stanley King, Ray Camacho, Mister Moto with Ruben and Benny, Sr., who had a recording deal with Warner Brothers Records, Los Traviesos, who toured Korea three separate times, Bohemio with Ruben and Mike, Hard Rock band Hurricane and ‘La Dama de Hierro’ Marisela. According to his youngest brother Mike, Chad was worth a king’s ransom to a band. “He would always play in different bands. He was always the lead singer. Having a great voice and being a great drummer made him invaluable.”


We could go on and on about Chad’s musical career and the heart he carried. I find it fitting those closest to him will provide you with more of what made Chad not only a pioneer in music, but a pioneer in life.

Viewing, Mass, and Burial Services for Our Beloved Jacinto Chad Cancino
Viewing will be held on Sunday, March 24, 2024 Shepherd of the Valley 45501 Deglet Noor St. Indio, CA 92201 Family Viewing Only: 4:00pm – 5:00pm Public Viewing to Follow: 5:00pm – 9:00pm
Mass will be held on Monday, March 25, 2024 St. Louis Catholic Church 68633 C St. Cathedral City, CA 92234 10:00am
Burial to follow after the Mass at 11:00am: Cathedral City Cemetery Desert Memorial Park 31-705 Da Vall Dr. Cathedral City, CA 92234


“I remember that my love told me, ‘whenever you are dancing or when you are among many people, smile’. On occasion I forgot and he smiled at me from the stage, to remind me. You will always be in my mind and in my heart, I love you, your wife.” – Margarita Cancino (spouse)

“I will never forget the memories of us eating out together every weekend, getting picked up from school, and accompanying him while he did tile work at many houses. He made me appreciate the art of music. He was a great father and he is forever in our hearts. I love you Papa!” – Evelyn Cancino (daughter)

“I will love and miss you always my beloved brother”. – Connie Gonzalez (sister)

“I will always cherish the memories of the time we spent together as family, brothers, and making music together. Rest in peace brother, in the loving arms of our Heavenly Father”. –  Jorge Cancino (brother)

“My bro was so cool along with teaching me my very first drum rudiments. He took me to Guitar Center and Pro Drum Shop in Hollywood for the very first time. He was so hip, he brought the first ‘double-pedal’ by Tama to the desert, then gave it to me and bought a Pearl set for himself. Together we practiced drum line exercises kick drum to kick drum. We met and had lessons with Scott Travis (Judas Priest, Racer X). I learned by watching Chad play. I was and am still inspired by him. Chad was the forerunner. Life-long memories, Thanks Chad, your Bro Mike!” – Mike Cancino (brother)

“My whole life was a lesson of love, perseverance, will, and respect. It was filled with beautiful music and arts of all kinds. We shared the same love of witty and dark comedy, from stand-up to watching prank shows, you could say we enjoyed the ‘try and fail’ approach at life. I will always remember the loud music. I live with the statement, ‘It’s not loud enough unless I feel it in my bones’ because of my dad. He taught me how to appreciate life and music. He taught me how to appreciate the little things, and if you ever feel something or think something you show it and you say it without shame. Whether he saw it or heard it, he lived for it. He lived for the moments, every single one of them. His heart would overflow, and he would shine so bright when family and loved ones got together and he could play music for them and make them happy because that’s what he loved and that’s what he did best. When he got with Hurricane and Latin artist Marisela, he was on fire! He was everywhere doing all the things, and I called him constantly on the road asking where he was, what he saw, what kind of food or coffee he had because he could always appreciate a great cup of coffee and donuts. When he got up on stage, he impacted people’s lives, he impacted my life in all the greatest of ways. My dad is a legend, a rockstar forever and always. He had the biggest heart and would always tell me, ‘Never give up, giving up is never an option’. He lived by that all the way until the end. I’ll carry on his passion and drive, from today until my last. I love you daddy, the show must go on!” – Alexis Cancino (daughter)

I love you Dad, thank you for everything”. Peter Cancino (son)

“My recent fondest memory of our dearest brother Chad was this past December 2023. We celebrated my birthday…he surprised me and sang a couple of songs in my honor, wishing me Happy Birthday I will cherish the videos and pictures forever. We always texted each other silly emojis that probably made no sense to others, but they had meaning to us! I took him to numerous doctor visits and was honored to be there and hold his hand when he was told his cancer was inactive at one point, we looked at each in disbelief! Tears of joy! In the end he fought the good fight! May God bless his amazing loving soul, our truly God-gifted songbird”. – Mariscela Mares (sister-in-law)

“We lived in Indio behind Roosevelt Elementary. I would come home after school every day and Chad and Mr. Moto would be in the garage rehearsing. I would come home every day and there would be two drums sets, Mike’s and Chad’s. What’s a kid to do? He puts his homework in the closet and stomps the drum sets! Thank you Tio Chad!” – Benny Cancino, Jr. (nephew)

“I will always hold and cherish in my heart those Village Pub nights, listening to him sing and play his heart out, him looking up to the balcony so I could get that picture, and the way he greeted me when it was his break. I love you Tio, always.” ~ Christina Mata (niece)

“I knew my Tio was near if I could hear what I thought was a little birdie but was actually him whistling. I’d come home from college, and I knew there was going to be band practice for Bohemio because my mom would take the sugar out especially for my Tio’s coffee. My dad always used to say no one could tune like Chad. I think all the memories are flooding back, but I’ll always cherish when my dad and Tio were going to leave for NAMM, I said, ‘Tio can I give you a blessing?’ He said, ‘sure mija’. He’d always put up with my praying shenanigans. We’ll miss you always Tio but your voice will live on in our hearts forever. Until we meet again, don’t stop believing, hold onto that feeling, and keep singing in Heaven! I’ll be praying for your soul always”. – Jezebelle Nielsen (niece)

“A memory I will keep forever is the last time we saw each other back on 12/16/2023 when we had brunch at El Mexicali Cafe on Indio Boulevard. He was just a very genuine guy who always made everyone happy, the smiles, the laughs…now cherished memories”. – Austin Cancino (nephew)

“Great times with my friend Jacinto ‘Chad’ Cancino. I had the pleasure of living for so many years with the great Chad Cancino from 1988 to 2022, when he had to retire for obvious reasons. Throughout all those years, we performed countless shows all over the USA and Mexico. It was a great pleasure to have shared the stage together as the rhythm section. Today we say goodbye, but he will always live in all our hearts. Have a good trip friend”. – Erasmo Espinoza (bassist in Marisela)

If you mix a potion with charisma, humility, charm and notion then add a lot of knowledge and talent, that’s how you build the heart of the man named Chad Cancino”. Alex Rojo Duran (Tejano actor, singer, member of Tejano R.O.O.T.S. Hall of Fame)

“Chad was my brother in music. He is irreplaceable. I was excited to make records with him at 3M Studios, now that will never happen. My deepest condolences go out to his family, Margarita his wife, his kids, his brother Mike, and nephew Benny, and all his friends. It’s a hole in my life that will never be filled.” – Mark Gregg (bandmate and owner of 3M Studios)

“All I have are fond and loving memories of Chad from the moment I met him and worked with him around 2007. He was such a genuine soul with great intentions, a huge heart, and a wonderful musician. In 2011 I was looking for a drummer for Soul Sign to do a gig in the mountains. Chad was on top of my list, but knowing how busy he was I skipped and called the next guy. After making over 40 calls including placing ads (never made more than 3 to find a musician in the past), I ran out of options, so I called Chad who replied, ‘Sorry, I can’t make it but I will send my brother Mike’. Mike came in and nailed the gig and without hesitation learned every song on the record for the audition and even ended up correcting us on our mistakes. The rest is history. Thank you Chad for everything, and thank you for sending us Mike, who is just a wonderful friend, musician and bandmate, just like yourself. I will miss you dearly my friend. Heaven just gained another angel. Your friend always”. – Bjorn Englen (bassist for Soul Sign)

I’m heartbroken to hear about my friend Chad’s passing. He left us much too soon. Chad touched me like he touched so many others with his talent and friendship, in many ways he was the most talented musician I ever had the chance to not only know personally, but also had the pleasure of working with, collaborate with, and share some of my early years with. I was always the friend of his youngest brother Mike, but he never treated us different than any of his peers, friends, family or bandmates just trying to make something of ourselves in this crazy world. He was kind, fun and always was optimistic and positive, he kept me musically inspired, and always had a ‘Big Brother’ way of showing you the ropes. My family and I send our deepest condolences to his children, wife, and family. We’ll miss you!” Eddie Plascencia (friend and bassist)

“Every dedicated musician has one special person that inspired them to be the best they could be and Chad was that person for me. Mike Cancino was one of my best friends growing up and we use to love to sit behind his older brother and just watch him play. One particular time, we were sitting behind him just watching every move and I can still remember his face as he did this incredible drum fill then turned his head to look at me and gave me a smile as if he knew he was giving me gold. I will never forget that moment”. – Bert Vela (drummer and owner of HV Music)

“As a young drummer growing up, I would sit next to the stage, watch him play and hope someday I’d be able to play like him. As I got older, I would sit in my practice room trying to dissect everything that he was doing. He was a great mentor that turned into more than a friend, he was family. I will forever be thankful for what he did for me as an aspiring musician. His legacy will not only be carried on by me but by so many others that he touched”. – Neil Moralez (friend and fellow drummer)

“I grew up going to Benny’s house back in the day with Mike to watch his brothers band Mr. Moto rehearse. Chad was always such a fucking badass! Singing and playing drums, singing and playing bass, singing and singing lol! Such a cool dude with a kind and gracious heart. I loved going over to watch them jam. Picking up a 12 pack of Natural Light and six pack of tacos. He sang for Mike and I in Majik, our first band right out of high school, which was like Racer X meets Ozzy. His wrote amazing melodic vocals and sung ‘em like a beast! The desert and the world has truly lost an exceptional musician and human being”. – Arthur Seay (friend and guitarist for Unida)

“I feel very broken-hearted for the loss of my beloved best friend. Chad and I go back to elementary school thru high school and continued a new journey in the music industry. We traveled throughout the country and toured Korea and Japan. I will miss his him greatly. May you rest in peace my beloved friend”. – Pingas (congas in Mr. Moto)

“Chad’s impact resonated deeply through his kindness, gentle spirit, love, and talent. Whether drumming for The Salute To Santana or leading as Hurricane’s singer, he poured his heart into every performance. His absence is felt, and our friendship is a cherished memory. Until we reunite, his spirit lives on”. – Robert Sarzo (guitarist for Hurricane)

“Our world is suffering a great loss! Chad was a real artist, a real singer, a natural. Prior to the pandemic, we were traveling to New York on tour with Marisela, while all of us were going to bed, Chad opted to go and perform the Holiday Inn karaoke open mic to amaze the audience with his powerful vocals! I remember he was so energetic and tireless, always, a great lesson! He will be missed forever!” – Willard Lozano (guitarist for Marisela)

“I remember when you would pull up an extra chair and let me sit with you behind the kit while you played. Watching you smile and play the instrument you loved with all your heart. Your infectious smile, your laugh, your voice, and most of all, the love you shared with me whenever I was with you. I know you and my dad are jammin’ again in the heavens.” – Andrew Cancino (nephew)

Chad’s family requests that in his memory, you consider donating to Desert Cancer Foundation at

Chad, from your Coachella Valley Weekly family, we thank you for bringing everyone so much joy with your music and your smile. You will not be forgotten.

Viewing, Mass, and Burial Services for Our Beloved Jacinto Chad Cancino

Viewing will be held on Sunday, March 24, 2024 Shepherd of the Valley 45501 Deglet Noor St. Indio, CA 92201 Family Viewing Only: 4:00pm – 5:00pm Public Viewing to Follow: 5:00pm – 9:00pm

Mass will be held on Monday, March 25, 2024 St. Louis Catholic Church 68633 C St. Cathedral City, CA 92234 10:00am

Burial to follow after the Mass at 11:00am: Cathedral City Cemetery Desert Memorial Park 31-705 Da Vall Dr. Cathedral City, CA 92234