Discretely situated at one of our most beautiful venues in the valley, The Inner Idea Conference will be visiting our pristine paradise.  The Inner Idea Conference gathers October 25-28 at the La Quinta Hotel.  The selected destination is a superlative choice. Fitness professionals and those associated with the health industry, especially Yoga and Pilates, will be distinctly impressed.


The Coachella Valley is a community replete with an atmosphere that lends relaxation to our visitors.  Our valley has enthusiasm for health, fitness, mind, body, and spirit activities.  It is not difficult to understand why we are considered a resort destination.  We are also a community that hosts events and conferences such as Inner Idea to educate our citizens and friends.  The Inner Idea Conference is the world’s premier educational event for Pilates, Yoga instructors, personal trainers, mind-body studio owners plus wellness professionals.  It is a one of a kind experience for instructors, those aspiring, or if you have an interest in the health industry.



The fitness industry continues to expand rapidly.  Guests of the conference will be able to gain insight at the future of the fitness industry.  Fitness leaders, mind-body and health enthusiasts will also get a glimpse at thirty-five of the most forward thinking leaders in the fitness and health industry.  Included are more than 100 sessions on the newest and most influential mind-body topics.  For those currently in the fitness and health business seeking educational hours, you may earn up to 20 CEC’s.  The Inner Idea Conference will connect to your fitness needs.


Thursday kicks off the conference in the late afternoon.  Beginning Friday and through Sunday the conference will be in full swing. Classes and lectures include; Principles for Success, Eight Keys to Mastering Mind-Body Wellness, and YES! Pilates is Functional Training.  You will also meet and enjoy classes from some of the most well-known and educated fitness trainers in the industry.  Max Strom will conduct the opening ceremony and keynote presentation.  Max Stroms’ keynote presentation: “There is no app for happiness.”  Strom, author of “A Life Worth Breathing,” instructs personal transformation and yoga worldwide.


Inner Idea is an event any health minded/fitness trainer should attend.  The caliber of expertise possessed by the instructors and professionals involved will enlighten your soul and free your mind.  For more information: www.ideafit.com or call 800.999.4332.

Inner Idea’s sister conference is the IDEA World Fitness Convention.

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