The Kee Gallery, a dynamic collaboration of three accomplished artists—Kathleen Strukoff, Ernesto Ramirez, and Erich Meager has unveiled its doors in the historic Backstreet Art District of Palm Springs.

Derived from the first initials of its visionary artists, The Kee Gallery promises a captivating blend of artistic expressions. Kathleen Strukoff, a modern impressionist oil painter, enthralls with representational art infused with an abstract flair. Her distinctive technique features thick, chunky paint and vivid colors that breathe life into her canvases.

Ernesto Ramirez, drawing inspiration from his Mexican heritage, crafts surrealistic paintings imbued with humor and a contemporary twist on Mexican surrealism. Each stroke tells a story that resonates with cultural nuances.

Erich Meager, a ratiolaminartist with an architectural background, presents intricate and layered creations. Working with geometric shapes and various mediums such as acrylic, wood, or paper, Erich’s art invites viewers to explore the depths of his meticulously constructed compositions.


Nestled in the heart of the oldest art district in Palm Springs, The Kee Gallery at Backstreet Art District is more than a space—it’s an evolving experience. The gallery’s mission is to ensure constant evolution, offering visitors an ever-changing landscape of fascination.

Mark your calendars for the first Wednesday art walk at Backstreet starting on Wednesday, Jan 3 from 5-7 pm, where The Kee Gallery trio will unveil a new collection each month. Expect to be dazzled by the seamless synergy of their diverse artistic visions.

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Kathleen Strukoff

The Kee Gallery


About The Kee Gallery:

The Kee Gallery, located in the Backstreet Art District of Palm Springs, is a collaborative venture by artists Kathleen Strukoff, Ernesto Ramirez, and Erich Meager. With a commitment to constant evolution, The Kee Gallery promises a dynamic and immersive artistic experience for visitors.

2700 S Cherokee Way,

Palm Springs, CA. 92264

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