By Tracy Dietlin

Remember back in the day when we had to choose between seeing only one show a night because we didn’t want to take the risk of getting a DUI driving from a show at Palm Canyon Roadhouse to a show at The Hood and then on to Big Rock Pub and then out to Date Shed?

And we certainly couldn’t afford to Uber to all those places in one night and still have drink money.

Way back in the olden days of February 2020. Well as we know things have changed drastically and we can no longer go to the bars to see our favorite bands play. However, we can try to look at the positive of home isolation as it pertains to music.


A few weeks ago, when this all began, CV Weekly did our first “CVCV Virtual Festival” on FB Live with 28 artists participating. Since then all genres of musicians across the valley have been doing amazing heartfelt FB Live shows that you can enjoy in the comfort of your living room, in your PJs, with or without makeup ladies, or your hair done, you can drink as much as you want without worrying about getting a DUI, and you can watch several of your favorite musicians in one night without leaving the house. Okay… I realize it’s not the same, but at least we get to interact with them live on FB and leave them comments for them to see in real time and they get to give shout outs to their fans.

So since the Club Crawler isn’t necessary right now I decided to create the “Virtual Viewing” section in its place… for now…so musicians can let their fans know in advance when they will be going live. Don’t forget to tip them in their virtual tip jars. And if anyone wants to help support CV Weekly during this difficult time so we can keep this all going online, we will appreciate your support.

You can donate by going to my PayPal account – Name: CV Weekly. Email

Virtual Viewing Club Crawler


Carlos Cruz (2Toxic) – Facebook – 11am, 4pm and 7pm

Hey Bertha – Facebook – 4pm

Cody White and the Easy Ride – Facebook – 7:30pm


Date Shed – Facebook – Pescaterritory – 11am, 4pm and 7pm

Slim Man – Facebook – 5pm

Rose Mallett – Facebook – 5pm

Michael Keeth – Facebook – 7-8:30pm

Tack Room Tavern – Facebook – Lance Riebsomer – 8:30pm


Date Shed – Facebook – Giselle Woo – 11am, 4pm and 7pm

Derek Jordan Gregg – Facebook – 6pm

Jetta King – Facebook – 6:45pm

John Carey – Facebook – 7pm

Daytime Moon – Facebook – 8pm


Date Shed – Facebook – Jae Rawkwell and Luthergates – 11am, 4pm and 7pm

Pete Campbell – Facebook – 4:20pm

Blasting Echo – Facebook – 5pm

Krystofer Do – Facebook – 7-9:30pm

Justin Ledesma (Allies)– Facebook – 7:30pm


Slim Man – Facebook – 5pm


Rose Mallett – Facebook – 6:30pm

Michael Keeth – Facebook – 7-8:30pm


Slim Man – Facebook – 5pm