Read on and see if this describes YOU in any way.


YOU are a strong courageous woman who simply don’t want to settle or give up. YOU more than likely have tried multiple diets over the years – Weight Watchers, Nutri System, Vegan Diet, Atkins, Low Fat Diet (you get the idea) or whatever the latest fad of the week is. YOU may or may not be looking to Keto as the final solution, the diet that will stick and might be the answer you’ve been looking for.

YOU may have even tried Keto on your own. YOU may have failed or didn’t get the results YOU wanted.  And, YOU were left wondering what did I do wrong because YOU may have known someone who had great success with Keto. YOU have not tried it but are intrigued by the fast weight loss and health benefits of the diet.

YOU are a woman who wants to move your life forward. YOU are motivated except you are holding back on getting these last few annoying pounds off. YOU really aren’t sure why or what’s causing you to question your ability to be successful.  YOU are confident and have had success in most other areas of your life.


From time to time, you go online and do research about diets and find there is so much conflicting and confusing info that you put the idea of weight loss back on the shelf for another time. YOU can’t find the solutions you are looking for to apply it to your life.  It’s frustrating! YOU are wise and know what you want but just can’t figure out how to get where you want to go. These thoughts are nagging at YOU, and yet you aren’t talking to anyone about it. YOU have gotten to the point it’s all buried inside and is getting harder to ignore. The thoughts about how you feel when you get your picture taken or look at yourself in the mirror. The thoughts about how you dress to hide your weight. The thoughts about your vitality and aging and that it’s time to do something.  YOU are spending a lot of time and energy finding ways to feel comfortable in your own skin and it’s just not working.   I FEEL YOU!

This is the intersection where I meet the women that I get to coach to success because they are looking for a “bridge” to get from point A to point B. These amazing WISE WOMEN are clear about what they want and are certain that they need help getting there. What’s important to them is to be held accountable, have a personal customized diet approach (not a one-size fits all plan), have a simplified version of keto that is easy. They know they need the support of a trained coach to get them there. They’ve hired coaches (life coaches, sports, health coaches) at different times in their life when it required them to be successful and reach their goals. They need success and can’t take another diet failure. If they are going to try Keto it must work! Sound familiar?

What Having a Coach in Your Corner Can Do for YOU

  • Change your relationship around food and weight to stop unhealthy emotional eating patterns and yo-yo dieting.
  • Get YOU to that place where you feel confident, even a little bit sexy, and aren’t settling to reach your goals.
  • Give YOU accountability, make it easy, take away the confusion and be sure YOU get results and lose weight.
  • YOU will finally be seen and heard so you can work on mindset and any barriers you may have to weight loss.

If YOU relate to any of this, please contact me for a free 30-minute coaching call.  Let’s explore if Keto may be the diet you’ve been looking for to make your dreams come true.  It did for me (I’ve lost 40 pounds) and hundreds of women I’ve worked with.  No pressure or sales just a friendly conversation about how Keto isn’t the same-old-same-old but a different approach to having the life and the body you dream of.

About Michelle Keto

Michelle Borthwick, known more widely as Michelle Keto, is the foremost expert in living the Keto lifestyle and the go-to coach for Keto women. She loves the CA lifestyle and spends time between San Diego and Palm Springs, CA. Her 1:1 coaching, and group programs have helped hundreds of women from 25 states and 4 countries lose over 7,500 pounds while eating foods they love. This foodie’s motto, and business name, is “Keto is Easy” and she’s one of the only Keto leaders who promotes full customization for long term success.  For a complimentary 30-minute coaching call please schedule to determine if Keto is a fit for you, book it at: or email me at