Drowning incidents are dramatically on the rise. “It happened just like that,” is what these parents say, and then their loved one can never be brought back.

Drowning is preventable. Here are some tips for your agency on getting started:

What can you do to prevent drowning incidents?

Follow the ABC’s of water safety: A = Adult Supervision. Assign an adult Water Watcher to keep their eyes on the water at ALL times. B = Barriers such as fences, self-closing and self-latching gates, pool motion sensors, window and door alarms. C = Classes. Parents and Caregivers should take CPR and first aid, and swimming courses that are available for both children and adults.


Juan Reyes from Reme Pool Service here in the Coachella Valley (760.218.9072) asks you to take the water safety quiz online at www.redcross.org/prepare/disaster/water-safety/quiz or contact him for additional safety tips.

There is a lot to cover so visit www.cdc.gov/safechild for more safety tips on drowning prevention and visit your local fire station. They can help provide information as well.

The same drowning prevention tips apply for adults. Learn how to swim, and NEVER swim alone!

Fire Chief Sam DiGiovanna