By Rebeca Pikus

Rebecca Fine Art Gallery is fortunate to partner with Alessandro Drago Productions, who brings to the “Italian Feast” table 3 Italian artists – Mauro Rosso, Federico Janni, and Paride Mirabilio along with their amazing art.

Mauro Rosso - BatgirlMauro Rosso is a cutting-edge artist who makes his home in Alba, Italy. His current series “Batman – The Hero Collection” – are commanding canvases – 4 ft. x 8 ft. and in a collector’s home are subtle yet riveting at the same time. Rosso’s Batman is not a comic book figure, but rather a different, more humane Batman – a Hero in the truest sense. This Batman is not grandstanding, but protecting the more vulnerable of our world. These art pieces have to be seen in person – they elicit powerful emotions from onlookers – they are simple yet inspiring works of art.



Federico Janni was born and raised in Milan, Italy on June 17, 1974. He studied industrial design and visual effects and initially worked as a 3d artist for commercials, music videos, films and TV shows throughout Europe. He later studied fashion photography and became a member of the Italian National Association of Professional Photographers, shooting editorials and commercials. His works have been published in many international magazines. Federico moved to Los Angeles in 2012 to “catch the spirit of America” with his camera. In constant motion, Federico is attracted to everything that makes him feel an emotion, creating simple and clean compositions. His fine art prints are all limited editions, in both panoramic and standard format, with collectors in Barcelona, Milan, Pienza, & Los Angeles.

paride mirabilio - 1

Our third Italian artist – Paride Mirabilio – was born in Pescara, Italy on October 30, 1989, spending his childhood in Cervia and later returning to Pescara. He then studied architecture and design in art school, and enrolled in the University Gabriele D’Annunzio. Paride went on to collaborate with Alessandra Antonucci in Jan. 2011, initially creating costumes & set designs. He now lives in Berlin, Germany, where he works as a model and a photographer. His recent photographic series developed around 3 themes: “Self-Portraits”, Flowers Inside Me”, and Triangleize Me”.

3 Italian Artists: Rosso, Janni, Mirabilio: REBECCA FINE ART GALLERY, 68895 Perez Rd, #7, Cathedral City, CA (760) 534-5888 – Online Gallery: Fineartvortex.comMODERNISM EXHIBIT Feb./March, 2016 – Gallery Hours Wed.-Sat., 11am-4pm or By Appt.