Every once in a while, there is a cookbook that changes the way we eat. This is that book!

Barbara Hankey-Rogers has created some of the tastiest and nutritious recipes that will tickle your taste buds, satisfy your cravings, and keep you and your family on the path of healthy eating. Her cookbook is a result of many years of exploring how food can be used as a positive force in our lives instead of something we need to battle with.

After many years of watching her weight go up and down, Barbara discovered that grains and gluten were not her friends. She used to believe that fat was the problem in our diets but quickly came to understand the real evil element was sugar.

“People don’t understand how certain foods are loaded with hidden sugars.” Ms. Rogers explains “It can also be so confusing as gluten free on a package does not always mean grain free BUT if a food is grain free then it is automatically gluten free.”


If you spend even five minutes with Barbara you will want what she has. Boundless energy, a glowing complexion, and a heart of gold. You will find her on the pickleball court 6 days a week, out to charity luncheons and serving on several desert charity boards.

For more information: itsanograinercookbook.com

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