Feb. 5- 7


Join me February 5 where I’ll be presenting at a free online Keto Diet Summit and talking about “Has Keto Betrayed You… Consider Taking it Back into Your Life”.  This is such an important topic because chances are you tried Keto and felt like it either didn’t work for you or could have worked better…or maybe you weren’t sure if you were doing it right or you hit that dreaded keto stall.   You might want to seriously consider taking Keto back into your life and make it a custom fit… with a different attitude and completely different — fully customized— approach.

I see many scenarios in my coaching practice.  A common one is this:  You may have been keto, and you lost weight and then hit a stall.   I can confirm that we’ve all been there!!  At that point, the frustration is real.  I call it going from Keto Heaven to Keto Hell.  Keto worked, life was good, and you were loving it.  You had some success and lost enough weight to be encouraged.   You fell in love with the foods and very motivated to continue.  Your energy increased.  Your hunger went away.  This is “Keto Heaven”.

Yet, one fine day the weight loss STOPPED.   You kept doing the same thing and it no longer worked.   It was working perfectly before, and you wonder “What did I do wrong”.  This level of frustration and disappointment is what I call “Keto Hell”.  All you want to do is to get back to “Keto Heaven” where it was working perfectly.


This is when I meet most of my clients.  They still believe in keto but are unsure what to do next.  I’m known as a Keto expert and a stall buster.  I give them hope, encouragement and the results they are seeking.

I’ve seen hundreds of women try Keto and not get the results they expected or end up frustrated and confused.  Sadly, they gave up because they didn’t know where to turn or how to start over differently.  It wasn’t their fault.

My relationship with each private client starts – and hinges – on my 10-point customization code process so they can lose weight, and reach their health goals, in the fastest way.  And stay consistently Keto even if their body wants to stall.

So “customization” sounds like a generic word but let me break it down a little bit more.

  1. How can I do Keto and make it fit into my lifestyle?
  2. How do I do Keto when I go out to eat often, order take out, have a history of fast-food or don’t cook much?
  3. How do I do Keto if I don’t have the time to prep foods?
  4. How do I do Keto when I have certain foods I crave and don’t feel like I can give up?
  5. How do I do Keto if I love desserts or savory salty snacks?
  6. How I do Keto if I’m a foodie and my live revolves around delicious foods?
  7. How do I do Keto if drink alcohol?
  8. How do I do Keto if I’m social?
  9. How do I do Keto when I have health challenges?
  10. How do I Keto if I’m sedentary or moderately active?

These are just some of the key areas I like to look at but am very thorough in my approach. With coaching, education, and customization I have an uncanny ability to get every client back to “Keto Heaven” and losing weight again.   There are many reasons someone hits a stall and in coaching it is easily uncovered.

If you want to know more about my process, to uncover the truth about your Keto, and how to do it properly for you and on your terms, there are a few ways you can proceed.

  1. Set up a free 30-minute consult at ketoiseasycoach.com and I will walk you through my entire customization process.
  2. Join me February 5-7 at the free online Keto Summit. There will be 17 presentations with great topics, and I’ll kick off the conference Friday night. Sign up here:  https://ketodietsummit.com/registration

Remember, you can make Keto work for you, not you having to work so hard for Keto! Whatever you do don’t give up on Keto.  It just needs nuanced application and customization.

About Michelle Borthwick: Michelle is a Keto Lifestyle coach, a Seasoned expert on Customized Keto. Keto weight loss results can be greatly improved with Coaching, Customization, Accountability, and a trusted partner to guide you every step of the way. Michelle offers private sessions, proven Keto diet hacks, goal setting, ongoing support and more. Follow Keto is Easy coach on Facebook and Instagram or go to Ketoiseasycoach.com.