Despite experiencing an unprecedentedly long – and albeit, graciously received winter, the Coachella Valley is on a collision course set to detonate with yet another summer of gorgeous sun-soaked weather.

For the ever-increasing number of natives associated with our beautiful valley, summertime heat is nothing out-of-the-ordinary. After all, the Coachella Valley is nestled just slightly above the center of our planet where there are higher temperatures year-round. That’s right folks. The Coachella Valley, in all its explicit glory rests shy north of the equator. It’s quite a distinction.


Spring and summer are a time for sunshine, swimming, barbeques, picnics, walks, bike rides, outdoor birthday parties, and other sensible activities. One thing is for certain, if you live within the Coachella Valley, your body will absorb all the vitamin D it needs. Not only that, living in our climate allows us to take time out during certain times of the day or night and enjoy the beauty and splendor of what God has created: mountains, hills, palm trees, oases, caves, sand dunes, vibrant sunsets, breathtaking sunrises, full moons, and a place where anywhere you find yourself bears witness to epic, panoramic, and priceless views.

This year – the year of our Lord, 2023, the Coachella Valley has witnessed an exorbitant amount of new growth. With the addition of the 10,000 seat Acrisure Arena located in the now Thousand Palms area, to decades-old, gated communities where homes that were never fully completed are now in full-swing with assured finality of being built, and the now almost completed
fifty-year-old city dream storm channel on the north side of the I-10 Freeway. It is safe to say that our valley is undoubtedly expanding at neck-breaking speeds and in anticipation of a great many new things.

Whenever the topic of spring and summer time floods our minds, ponderings of outdoor activities such as family get-togethers, birthday parties, or sunbathing spring forth [every pun intended]. Springtime precedes summer, which in-turn often inspires us to spring clean, spring design, or even spring redesign in time for summer.

Many new community homes within the valley are typically constructed with backyards lacking patio, or other concrete features for general and recreational use. Some presume this is a bad thing when it might not be. Consider the fact that you now have the creative freedom to design your own personal outdoor living space – exactly how you see it. More recently, we decided to invest the necessary time and funds to design and enhance our backyard living spaces and are enjoying them daily.

JRC CONCRETE CONSTRUCTION has paved an unparalleled path throughout the Coachella Valley for almost two decades. JRC’s level of creativity, craftsmanship, professionalism, dedication to detail, honesty and integrity is what has propelled them to be acknowledged by such nationally recognized publications as The Los Angeles Times. More recently, one of JRC’s La Quinta-based projects impressed so much that news of its actualization was ranked by Los Angeles TimesHome of the Week. To receive such a distinction by a nationally recognized publication located 120 miles away from the epicenter of the creation of excellence, is made only possible by the exceptional talents and impeccable professionalism put forth by JRC Concrete Construction.

Whether your outdoor environment inspirations lead to musings of patio decks, firepits, custom barbeques, waterfall features, driveways, garden walkways, swimming pool decks, or something unique to your own creativity, JRC Concrete Construction possess the polished proficiency necessary to create your vision.

JRC CONCRETE CONSTRUCTION (760) 625-1300 – Make this the summer that your outdoor living space gets accentuated, so that you can reap the benefits of your home experience and increase its monetary value. 


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