By Angela Romeo

Joshua Tree Art Gallery kicks off the summer with the opening of its Pop UP on Saturday June 23. The opening reception is 6-8 pm. The Gallery will host 116 works from impressive list of local artists.  The extensive roster of participating artists includes Delos Van Earl, Nexus, a patina on steel; Fredrick Fulmer, Ghost Cabin, acrylic and photo transfer on wood; Lynda Keeler, Pinkish, Old Los Palmas Map oil on canvas; and Hiroko Momii, Chaos to Order, oil on canvas. The work ranges in price from $275 to $4000.

The event is not just for people to view and purchase work. The show encourages audience interactive participation.  The People’s Choice Awards takes place the opening night. People may vote for their favorite work for $1.00 a vote. Voting begins 10 am Saturday at the gallery only.

Carole Hatcher is a first time participant in the JTAG show. Why join the event?


“Responding to the Joshua Tree Art Gallery Pop Up Show Call for Artists is a first for me,” said Carole. “JTAG has a stellar reputation for solid shows embracing those locally known professional artists, and newcomers, such as myself. Fredrick Fulmer, former Palm Springs Art Museum Artists Council Board member and curator at JTAG, is known for his well-curated shows. To participate in an event he curates is always an honor.”

“I am an assemblage found treasure artist,” continued Carole. “Because of that my sculptures don’t fit into the usual calls for art work. Calls are often seeking wall mounted paintings and photography. This JTAGPop Up was welcoming to my work.  I am thrilled to be invited to participate.”

For any artist, especially a newer one, the drop-off of the work is daunting. There are moments of self-doubt; moments of comparison. A momentary flash of the schoolyard playground when one is the last chosen for a team. For Carole the experience was different. “When I arrived for the art drop off I experienced a frenzy of activity, an organized team of intake professionals, friendly artists and a general welcoming hospitality and explosive vitality.”

“The quality of the art was overwhelming. Everyone was complimentary and supportive of each other which eased my reluctance greatly,” said Carole. “I also felt as though my Salton Sea Concretion sculpture was a good fit with this show. My sculpture addresses the demise of the health of the Salton Sea through pollution and neglect. This sculpture has been described as dramatic corruption. I’m anxious to see how this piece will be received and reviewed by a demographic that’s very aware of national treasure awareness. Fingers crossed!”

As JTAG and artists are well aware, art is not passive. It is chance for dialogue, a chance for interaction, a chance to break barriers. “My husband and mum had come along for the ride from Rancho Mirage. As we sat at Pappy and Harriet’s for lunch we were seated at a table with two gentlemen.  Immediately we struck up conversation about the food and why we were in the area.”

“My 96 year old mum, shared we had just dropped off my sculpture at the JTAG, and introduced me as her daughter, the artist, and my husband promptly produced my business card,” continued Carole. “One of the men is a water filtration engineer doing business and research in the Coachella Valley, especially and including the Salton Sea. The five of us really had quite a lively chat.  It was the perfect segue to inviting them to the opening reception.”

As Carole has seen, and JTAG know, art is relevant. The event runs through July 14, with closing event from 86-8 pm. JTAG is located at 61607 29 Palms Highway, Joshua Tree CA, for more information visit