By Morgan James

Kate London is a name that you can expect to be hearing more of in the coming year. Her break-out song “Love Me Right,” reminds us just how infectious a well-crafted pop song can be. “Love Me Right” is incredibly polished for Kate London’s first single, which she credits to her collaboration with Trey Songz and his team, who together have crafted a song that can be played seamlessly on a Top 40 radio station. London is an artist who pulls from her passion for social issues, is determined to make an impact holding true to her values and even incorporating them into her music. I was lucky enough to chat with Kate about the inspirations for her new single and what we can expect from this budding artist in the coming year.

MJ: How long have you been singing and what are some of your music influences?

KL: I’ve always loved music, and have been singing all my life, but have recently decided to pursue music professionally. My influences are Lana Del Rey, Halsey, Rihanna, Banks, Gwen Stefani, Stevie Nicks, to name a few, but there are so many.


MJ: What life experiences specifically contributed to your desire to perform?

KL: I was in my Church music worship team and have always felt that music allows me to speak on bigger subjects that are important to me and make a positive impact. Performing gives me a platform to speak on issues like my Faith as well as social issues such as Animal Justice and Mental Health.

MJ: How do you balance music with other interests and commitments?

KL: It gets tough! I do work a corporate job as well, but when music is something you’re passionate about, then it’s a labor of love.

MJ: How do you feel now having completed and released your first single?

KL: This is my first time releasing a big single professionally so it’s definitely been an exciting process. It’s been awesome to see my dreams come to fruition. This has been a long time in the making and every time I hear my song I definitely feel a sense of accomplishment and pride.

MJ: Have you collaborated on projects before and how was your experience in creating” Love Me Right” with Trey Songz Team?

KL: I’ve collaborated before but this was my first time collaborating with Trey Songz team. It was incredible. It doesn’t get more legit than those guys. Being in the studio with them and seeing how talented they are is super inspirational. I’m looking forward to working with them again and I got some other special stuff up my sleeves coming soon. When you’re working with them, it’s a whole new level of talent, work ethic, creativity so it was a memorable experience for sure.

MJ: The song has a very contemporary sound but your Youtube lyric video has a very vintage feel to it. Was juxtaposing the two a stylistic choice?

KL: Yeah it was definitely intentional! Although the song sounds contemporary, I definitely felt like some of lyrics had that an old-school vibe. I’ve always been a huge fan of Marilyn Monroe and old Hollywood styles so it felt like the perfect chance to incorporate that vintage feel.

MJ: Now that have you released “Love Me Right,” what are you planning next?

KL: I am going to be dropping the music video soon and continuing to push the single. That includes more touring, more radio promo, and more press. I also have another song I did with Trey Songz team called “Way Out” that will be my follow-up single that I’m really excited about. It has more of a Beyonce, grimy, independent woman feel. It’s definitely way different than “Love Me Right” so I’m excited for listeners to hear my creative range.

MJ: What is the best way for listeners to support your music?

KL: ITunes and sharing the music with your friends and family is the best way to support me for now! People can also follow me on Instagram at and Facebook at Social media has definitely helped me build momentum and plan to continue to use these mediums.

MJ: Is there anything else you readers should know about you?

KL: I love French bulldogs, fashion, and God! Not in that order. I’m also very passionate about animal welfare/ rights and I have gone vegan this year because of it. I really want to raise awareness for the animals that don’t have a voice in factory farming. I’m really passionate about music and I hope the Coachella Valley will check out my radio single “Love Me Right” which can be found at and purchased on Spotify/ITunes. I also think that it’s great that the valley is so supportive of local music and I’m excited for future opportunities.