By Aimee Mosco

“Often times as children when we ‘took responsibility’ for our choices, we reaped consequences rather than rewards…when a person enjoys rewards associated with taking ownership, the experience is incredibly empowering.” Daily Agreements, Guidelines & Intentions, by Aimee Mosco and Donald L. Ferguson, page 127

The Universe at large is our model for achieving success in all areas of life. It operates with precision and always without fail. It adheres to laws that extend beyond the true understanding of humanity’s brightest lights and that represent magic to us mere mortals.

While it may be impossible for us to understand the mechanics behind the forward movement of our Universe, it is easy to identify things it models for us, like balance for example.


The Universe is in perfect balance. We know this because each morning we wake up to a sun rise and then a sunset at the end of the day. The Universe is responsible for the coordination among the elements of our solar system that successfully produces sun rise and sunset. This continuum presumably could not occur with wild fluctuations in Universal balance. The disaster that would befall us if the cosmos became lopsided is unthinkable.

The manifestations associated with imbalance in our individual lives isn’t unthinkable to us because it is something many of us inadvertently create on a daily basis. When we have ignored the warning signs, we suffer the consequences. Often times we don’t correct imbalance until it becomes dire enough for us to take corrective action because there is no other choice.

Just imagine how different things would play out if we each strived to achieve the level of balance modeled by our Universe? If we followed the Universe’s lead and actively took responsibility for creating balance in our daily lives before discomfort manifests? And then imagine experiencing that balance among collective humanity. When there is balance, there is no need for warning bells or discomfort. Balance sets the tone for harmony.

According to the dictionary, balance is “stability produced by even distribution of weight on each side of the vertical axis” ( This is the literal definition, but it still applies to life events and experiences if you think of “weight” as energy. When you take in as much energy as you put out, you create equilibrium.

To experience the rewards of taking responsibility, in the likeness of the grand and wise Universal body, set your intent to create balance in your life. Then be mindful and aware of what you are putting out in relation to what you are taking in, and vice versa. Make adjustments based on your observations to keep yourself in power and in alignment with favorable outcomes.

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Aimee Mosco is an Author, Intuitive Channel, Spiritual Teacher and Co-Founder of Intentional Healing Systems, LLC. Aimee’s desire to help others inspired her book “Gratitude + Forgiveness x (LOVE) = Happiness”. Aimee is a founding member of World Game Changers and she serves on the Board of Directors of this charitable CIC based in the UK. Find Aimee at