By Noe Gutierrez

The 2016 Native American Music Awards nominee for ‘Best Female Artist’ and ‘Best Country Album’ Kelly Derrickson will be performing on Friday 11/11/16 Veterans Day 2016 at Tack Room Tavern at the Empire Polo Grounds at 9 p.m. for a FREE SHOW to honor our all of our service men and women of the armed forces. Her band, Linda Lemke Heinz on keyboards and vocals, Martin Barrera on guitar, Armando Flores on bass and vocals and Benny Cancino, Jr. on drums, have been rehearsing for the last month and are excited to debut the band on a local stage. Joining Derrickson for this special evening is none other than desert native and music master Ronnie King! King and Derrickson performed on and recorded a passionate and native version of “Amazing Grace” that was released earlier this year. Coachella Valley Weekly recently caught up with the 2015 Coachella Valley Music Award winner for ‘Best Country Band/Artist’ to discuss her Veterans Day show and upcoming album release.


“I am extremely grateful for the bravery and service of all veterans. I also believe that the role of government should be to take care of all veterans.” Derrickson will be releasing a single this Christmas to show her appreciation for all veterans and their loved ones. “My new single coming out for the Christmas holiday is called “Christmas Without You.” It’s a song dedicated to all veterans and their families. You can purchase the single at this December.”



“My new album is set to be released in the spring of 2017 and really digs deep into the political and environmental issues that surround my native people. We are a much depressed culture and issues like Standing Rock, hydro dams, suicide and Turtle Island are all in the forefront on this record. It’s intolerable what we are doing to our environment and how our lands, food supply, children and elderly are suffering. I will continue to fight for my people and die doing it.”

The new album was written and recorded in Nashville, Tennessee at Chip Martin Productions and features Phil Collins’ piano player, Rod Stewart’s back-up singer and Chris Stapleton’s drummer. Also featured on drums and co-writer on the album is local desert resident and proficient drummer Benny Cancino, Jr. The album will feature a song entitled “Higher Ground.” The song describes the impact of hydro dams and how they affect indigenous communities in North America. As her previous album, Warriors of Love, the album will be released on the StarTribe Records label.

“This album is a very heartfelt reflection of what is going on in my heart and soul and it exposes me. Also, there are a lot of great drumbeats and up-tempo songs that just make you feel good.”

I was fortunate enough to listen to the new album in its entirety and I was lifted to another plane. Expect more of her passion and vitality on the new album that is found on Warriors of Love. Derrickson will stir your emotions and cause you to dance your ass off!