By Michelle Borthwick

Right from the start let’s get clear that Keto doesn’t damage women’s hormones.

You may have heard, due to a lot of misinformation on the internet, that Keto damages women’s hormones.  The best advice is to trust your body, customize your Keto, and make sure you are doing the Keto diet properly, so you receive all its optimal benefits.  

Just How does Keto Affect Female Hormones?


Unfortunately, there are many women who would benefit greatly from the Keto diet but won’t try it because of what they have read on the internet saying it will cause hormonal problems.  With that in mind, let’s rethink Keto and hormones and look at the proven benefits of Keto for women. One study shows that after just four months on Keto women with PCOS had balanced hormones. (1)  Not to mention, uterine fibroids, and endometriosis all can benefit from a ketogenic diet and effortless fat loss, reduction in inflammation, treatment and possible reversal of type II diabetes, neurological diseases, cancer, insulin resistance and mood improvement. (2) Wow, that’s an impressive list and a reason to give Keto your best effort.   

What if I’m on the Keto diet now but struggling hormonally?

Eat more fat – Many problems on a keto diet are the result of not eating enough fat. Fat is your friend on keto and you absolutely need it to get enough energy and nutrients. If you don’t keep your intake at the recommended levels, you’ll put your body under immense stress which will add to your hormonal problems. This mistake is very common on Keto and easily corrected. Always think “Fat First” when planning all your food intake.

Pay closer attention to your carbs – 30 grams of total carbs per day or less is enough to keep most people in ketosis. However, this is where customization is so important.  The number of carbs your body needs to be effective with Keto depends on your activity level, age, lifestyle, health and other factors.  This number may need to be adjusted and nuanced the longer you are on Keto and will not always stay the same.  

Not being in ketosis – Don’t guess if you are in ketosis just because you are eating high fat and low carb.  Don’t say Keto isn’t working.  There is a misconception about Keto vs. a low carb diet.   You can be eating low carb and not be in ketosis.  Your body needs to be using ketones for energy to change your metabolism. (3).  Make sure your ketones are in the optimal range for weight loss and health. The only way to really know is to consistently test with a blood meter.

De-stress – Stress must be ruled out as a contributing factor to any hormonal problem. Stress raises cortisol levels, and cortisol disrupts your hormones and metabolism. Find ways to put balance into your life and watch your hormones follow suit.

Exercise– Exercising enhances metabolic flexibility, which is your body’s ability to switch to fat burning and helps with stress.  It’s a win-win on Keto. Even walking 20 minutes a day is an ideal way to unwind.

Quality & Quantity of Food – When enjoying the Keto diet eat real foods that are nutrient dense to support your body.  Eat plenty of food.  Eat when hungry to satiety and don’t worry about calories or eating too much.

Next Steps?

Remove any of these potential problems before you make the diagnosis that Keto is causing hormonal problems.  Keto has been a game changer for many of the women I coach in my practice and it’s worked well to correct hormonal imbalances.  If you are suffering and not feeling well, Keto is worth a try. 

And, above all else, when you experience positive results with Keto, please share it with other women so they can enjoy the benefits of weight loss, health and balanced hormones.

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