By Elizabeth Scarcella and Aimee Mosco

Have you ever thought you lost something but that something has been right there within your reach all along?

Like for example; you are feverishly looking for your glasses when you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and realize they are sitting on top of your head! Or you can’t find your phone and it’s sitting in plain sight on the counter where you left it. Maddening, eh?

As we have reminded you throughout our article and video series, you are an eternal being of light. You have more power than you can even imagine just by virtue of the fact that you have had multiple lifetimes of experiences. These experiences are archived in your soul memory vault which you can choose to connect with as you begin to awaken.


Don’t beat yourself up, the keys to your inner kingdom have never been out of your reach. They have been patiently waiting for you right where your soul left them…for you to re-discover. Your “keys” are with all of the other most prized possessions, the parts of you that you have kept sacred and hidden from view – even from yourself. These “keys” we speak of are your divine and cultivated creative abilities, and it is time to dig down, pull them out and honor them by having faith in yourself.

When you open the doors to your unique and expansive creativity, you begin to function more consciously as the creator of your reality.  What’s great is…the choices you make about what comes next in your life, as you connect with your previously hidden inner resources, become different and more calculated than the choices you made before.

And what happens is you begin to recognize that YOU are the ultimate authority on you. YOU are the boss of you, and YOU possess the knowledge to create your life according to your best plan.

Imagine this:

-You innately and intuitively turn inward for answers to your burning questions instead of relying on others to tell you what’s best for you.

-You feel a new sense of freedom, as if the right set of keys suddenly appeared allowing you to open the once barricaded door to your creativity and sense of self.

-You genuinely feel happier; smiling more and find yourself chuckling at those annoyances that once used to ruin your day.

We are so excited for you to re-connect with your ability to be the creator of your life.

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