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Desert Hot Springs CA


Kittyland was born, not only out of a need, but a necessity at the current Desert Hot Springs location. There has been an Animal Shelter on the Kittyland property for the last 40 years. Due to a zoning change from Riverside County it was discovered that there were too many animals on the property as it is now zoned as Residential.  The Kittyland property consists of 2 and one half acres with only one direct neighbor, who is very friendly towards us.  The dogs went off to another shelter and the cats were left with nowhere to go. At this point their future was uncertain and their lives in jeopardy so Riverside Animal Services put all the cats into their protective custody to make sure that they would not be moved, and that their lives would be safe. During this time, we negotiated for ownership of the land and when that was acquired, Kittyland Cat and Kitten Rescue was born.

Kittyland is a volunteer based, 501c3 non-profit organization, dedicated to rescuing abandoned and neglected cats. They are a sanctuary where kittens and cats are nurtured with compassion in a safe environment, and where senior, disabled and unwanted cats are valued and can live out their lives in dignity and peace.


For more information visit www.kittylandrescue.org

Kittyland Rescue – 1717 E. Vista Chino, Suite A-7 Box 499, Palm Springs, CA  92262

(760) 251-2700 | info@kittylandrescue.org

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