By Morgan James

Since opening in 2002, Koffi has proudly become a staple in the Coachella Valley boasting two locations in Palm Springs, one in Rancho Mirage, and one just recently introduced espresso bar inside of Miramonte in Indian Wells. Freshly roasted organic coffee, a warm inviting atmosphere and a local, community minded spirit, are just a few of the reasons you might switch your regular cup of Joe to a Koffi coffee. I sat down with one of Koffi’s owners, John Abner, to get the scoop on just how fresh you can expect your Koffi coffee and what to expect finding when visiting a Koffi location, which have led to the company’s successful growth in the last decade.

Koffi takes delivery of fresh coffee beans each and every week. “We roast them, then cup them,” John informs me. “We are proud to be very hands on.” Having the only coffee roaster in the Coachella Valley, which is housed inside of the Rancho Mirage Koffi location, John feels confident in the quality provided to each guest as they visit and he explains to me the importance of the roasting process at Koffi. “Each coffee is roasted individually first and then blended together post roast. This results in a much livelier and bigger flavor.” I also learned that most of the coffees at Koffi are organic and available for home delivery weekly to your door. In store you will find a wide and beautiful assortment of coffee sold by the pound in eighteen different flavors. Add to the rich variety of quality roasted and brewed coffees, the plentiful variety of syrups including toasted coconut, which seems to be the “hot new flavor,” and you are sure to find an option suited to your taste. Koffi’s goal is to simply “Make people happy and serve them what they want.”

When John told me about the “super smooth and creamy” cold-brew, organic Mexican coffee that “packs a punch in caffeine” and has been “flying out the door,” I had to try it for myself. While admittedly I generally feel the need to load my coffee with an amount of cream and sugar that almost negate any semblance of actual coffee, I decide to try this cold-brew coffee simply over ice. Interesting! It has almost a chocolate taste to it and yes, it is surprisingly smooth and rich. After a few sips John sweetly assured me that a little milk would give my drink that chocolate milk feel, if I so chose. I did. He explained that the benefit of the cold-brew is that the coffee is steeped for 24 straight hours allowing for a much fuller flavor versus mere seconds as with an espresso or traditional hot brewed coffee.


Beside coffee, you will find many alternate options to satisfy including baked goods which are all Koffi original recipes. Scones are made from scratch and options of yogurt parfaits or oatmeals are plentiful, as are bagels and muffins to fill any sweet tooth craving. Sometimes breakfast sandwiches are available as well as lunch time sandwiches. John admits Koffi has been off and on with these two sandwich options, but is hoping to have them back more consistently. If you are a tea lover then you will be pleased to find an assortment of quality Smith Teas available.

Koffi is proud to be community minded as it hosts a variety of groups at each location as well as involves itself in numerous charity events and desert happenings. You may regularly find yourself among a writer’s circle, a book club, small business groups, or an Antique Auto Club. You may find Koffi among a Modern Week event as it regularly immerses itself in the local goings on. And when it comes to the Aids Walk, the Cancer Society, or other similar events, John states proudly “If it’s a charity and they need coffee, we will happily provide it.”

With a local hands on approach to coffee and the community, it is easy to see why this chain has become a staple in the Coachella Valley. There are 4 locations now to serve you throughout the Coachella Valley including 3 stores and the new Espresso Bar in Miramonte, Indian Wells.

Palm Springs South- 1700 S Camino Real, Palm Springs

Palm Springs North- 515 N Palm Canyon, Palm Springs

Rancho Mirage- 71380 Highway 111, Rancho Mirage

Miramonte Resort & Spa- 45000 Indian Wells Ln, Indian Wells

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