Charles Dickens in A Tale of Two Cities, began his iconic novel with this dichotomy. Maybe it is a matter of perspective since many of us have learned to be thankful that neither we, nor any friends have contracted Covid 19.

When you look at the big picture, maybe not having football, basketball and baseball are not that important. So what is important? More people than ever would say, good health and security. Most of us stayed home over the Labor Day weekend to be safe. Most avoided the beach and BBQ’s with friends.

I was going to host a USC Football game watching party, as we played Alabama. I was looking forward to inviting BB Engle, who would sing Sweet Home Alabama if he could join us. However if you were out and about, and while driving you were rear ended or arrested for a DUI, it is not only the Covid that you have to worry about.

Did you plan ahead to know and what to do? When I am interviewed on TV and during my “Accidentally Yours” radio show, and of course in this weekly legal column, I advised those who read or listen, to plan ahead! For decades I have said, People Don’t Plan To Fail, They Fail To Plan. Don’t wait until things go wrong to decide which lawyer to hire for an accident or DUI.


After all you have the name and number of a plumber or electrician etc. at hand, in case of an emergency. Isn’t an auto accident or DUI of greater importance? A greater emergency? In my opinion, the last thing you should do is to wait until disaster strikes, and you are pressured with pain… or in custody, to have to then make that crucial decision…Which Lawyer Should I Hire?

Auto Accidents and DUI cases have a lot in common with respect to what clients should or should not do. In both instances Silence is Golden. As a rule the less you share the better off you are. Don’t admit fault in an accident or admit guilt with a DUI. It is not always what you say but what the other side THOUGHT THEY HEARD YOU SAY.

I advise my clients to take down their social media. Prosecutors and insurance adjusters save time and money by checking Facebook sites. Some accident victims post that they are going skiing or playing in a tennis tournament, after an accident. They say this after they complained to their doctor, how much they hurt and all the things they can’t do because of the pain. Arguably, if they can play a sport, then they were not that injured. At least that is the argument the insurance company adjusters and lawyers will make to avoid paying any money..

The kiss of death is when a client posts that they were lucky not to have been stopped the day before when they were even more drunk or any other post about their drinking and or driving habits etc. To put the odds on your side you should always hire a local attorney. One who will know the judges and court employees, and that should be done ASAP. Once one retains a lawyer, they can no longer be contacted by the DA or insurance investigator on a DUI or accident case.

After an accident you must preserve evidence by writing things down right away. Smart cell phones can be used to take picture of the parties involved; cars; streets, and to obtain statements from drivers and wits.

There is no way you can truly win once you are in civil or criminal litigation. Your stress from your accident or arrest is often manifested by lashing out at those closest to you. After all, you aren’t going to yell at your boss, but you will at your spouse or kids. This leads to domestic violence arrests as well as divorces and disharmony with the family. So be careful that you don’t do something that allows a lawyer to make more money off of you by signing you up for another type of case!

And REMEMBER, TO WEAR A MASK, it is a question of mutual respect for your neighbors. It is the right thing to do…and it is not just for your protection but that of others…we have to do the right thing.

Wearing a Mask is like not drinking and driving…it is not just you that you are protecting but the next guy too. We should be concerned about not just our getting in an accident and hurting ourselves, but rather that the next innocent guy that could be hit by you and killed. Not wearing a mask is grossly irresponsible…not just so you won’t get Covid-19, but also so the next person won’t get it from you.

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