Lady A is coming to Fantasy Springs Resort Casino on May 12th, and they are bringing a new interactive approach to their tour. With 17 years and nine albums under their belt, the band is looking to create more connective moments with their audience. “We were playing the hits, but how can we make it more interactive?” Hillary Scott, the lead vocalist, said in an interview. The band is pulling out gems, album tracks, and songs that they wish were singles to make the concert more personal.

One of the most exciting elements of the tour is the request line. The band is taking requests from their audience, giving fans a chance to hear their favorite songs live. This new concept was Hillary’s idea, and it has been successful so far. The first two nights at Ryman went well, and the band is looking forward to bringing this idea to other cities.

Lady A will still play their biggest hits like “Need You Now” and “Run to You,” but they are also looking to create more intimate moments with their fans. Charles Kelley, one of the band’s vocalists, shared a personal story a fan shared with him about walking down the aisle to “When You Got a Good Thing,” a song he wrote about his wife. “We share those moments,” he said, “and connect with the fans.”

The band’s touring experience has changed since Charles Kelley became sober. He now focuses on finding ways to handle boredom on the road, such as working out and playing golf. “Taking the focus away from alcohol has allowed me to put my energy into other things. I’ve been writing songs on the road.” he said. The band is also working on a new album, hoping to release a new single this summer. They are taking their time to figure out what they want to say and represent in their music.


Lady A’s hit song “Need You Now” achieved RIAA diamond certification April 15, which means it has sold over 10 million units. As to why that particular song is among only 5 country songs to achieve that honor, “It’s got so many little hooks,” Charles Kelley said, “you can never figure out why something works and why it doesn’t.” The song is an evergreen, a timeless classic that will be around long after the band is gone.

You can hear this evergreen and many more at Fantasy Springs on Friday, May 12. Go to to purchase your tickets.