Unwanted hair. We all have it somewhere. Lips, chin, ears, underarms, legs, nostrils, and even toes sometimes bear unbearable hair. Sure we can shave, wax, and get electrolysis treatments but the hair keeps coming back. And sometimes it reappears darker and more course than it was to begin with.



If your goal is to eliminate the unsightly hair altogether, a series of laser treatments may be just what you need. I’ve fought with unwanted hair and sensitive skin for much of my life. Shaving caused razor burn, waxing required too much maintenance and regrowth. Nair was a joke and electrolysis was downright painful and time consuming. Then I met The Laser.




This laser changed my life. I still have some growth since I never completed enough treatments to have it all completely removed. The hair that grows now is lighter in color and softer to the touch. I spend less money on expensive razors, not to mention less time in the shower. I experience far less skin irritation and all of these factors improved my self- confidence by giving me one less thing to worry about.



Could you be a good candidate for laser hair removal too? Since the lasers are designed to target pigment in the hair follicle, the darker your hair the better. The lasers simply won’t work on gray, blonde and light red hair. And because the laser is targeting pigment, the lighter your skin tone the better. Some lasers are specially designed for darker skin types, but will require more treatments. Avoid treatments on tanned skin and never get a treatment over a tattooed area. Sun exposure should be avoided during the course of treatment.



Laser hair removal is slightly painful and feels a little like your skin is being snapped with a rubberband. The sensation only lasts a moment, but can be relieved with the application of a topical numbing cream prior to treatment. Some offices may charge a nominal fee for numbing.



Keep in mind more than one treatment is necessary. Depending on the area being treated, the density of growth and your body’s personal cycles you may require 5-7 treatments. Since the life cycle of hair has three stages (growing, exfoliating and dormant) it is important to wait 3-4 weeks between treatments in order to target hair in the growth stage. A significant reduction in growth usually won’t be noticed until after your second or third treatment.



When choosing your laser hair removal practitioner look for someone experienced who preferably works under the supervision of a dermatologist. The laser utilized should be equipped with a cooling device that makes the treatments more comfortable. I highly recommend obtaining a free consultation before making a decision. Special advertised discounts are common and should be taken advantage of. Many offices offer special pricing for purchasing a treatment package and some even offer financing.



With all the options for hair removal and the gift of modern technology, there’s no reason  to struggle with unwanted hair anymore.






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