By Selma Grows –

The seasons are changing and time is moving along as it always has, except today something is different. It’s just another Monday, Thursday or Saturday morning at the Big Lots Shopping Center in Cathedral City and it’s almost time for whatever you are about to do. A hilarious and melodious song of joyful breath and laughter is ringing from… a hair salon? That’s right! Drawn in, you enter the salon; and you see a laughing yoga class in the back studio lead by the one and only Yogi Ramesh Pandy. The Laughing Yogi of America and the company he is keeping join together in the pursuit of intentional JOY. Here, people are rejoicing about their favorite activities and ideas and it makes everyone’s heart glad.
Today is your laughing day! Today you are free to relax and be yourself. With happiness in mind we would like to share a path to inner fitness through the power of breath and laughter with Yogi Ramesh Pandy.
Laughing Yoga is not as easy as it may sound. There is a lot of work to be done when detoxifying the inside world. Our time and experience exists inside of us. Through this we become free to enjoy all that we have been, are and will become. Yogi Ramesh teaches the art of laughter to “open “, the heart. The vibration from our vocal cords when we make the “HA” sound automatically reflects into our hearts, opening it up, therefore making the breathing exercises more effective for cleansing. Our next step is to learn how to “pump” oxygen into our now open hearts. Imagine a clean, strong, open heart full of oxygen pumping happy and relaxed blood all through your body. Now I ask you, “Where is there room for disease?” I say, “Nowhere!”
Laugh out Loud? This is easier said than done for many people for many different reasons. Some of the most popular reasons are, being afraid of what others might think, and unresolved anger or sadness. This challenge can be especially rewarding. Success without adversity is futile. To love ourselves is to free ourselves of others expectations. So give yourself a chance to try something you may not have done before. Breathe and laugh your way to a happier and more relaxed experience.
To bring in the new season, Yogi Ramesh Pandy- the Laughing Yogi of America, would like to invite you, Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays, 8:00AM- 9:00AM, conveniently located in the Big Lots shopping center, Cathedral City.
For more information on classes and private lessons, contact the Laughing Yogi Ramesh Pandy directly at (562) 716-9367 or Toll Free: 877 367 9642 • Email: _Universal Temple of Yoga and Inner Peace Palm Springs, California (760) 832-9992
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