By Bronwyn Ison

Laughter is the sign of happiness.  A little bit of giggling or a good belly laugh has always been a daily requirement in my life.  I’ve had my share of gloomy moments in life yet I’ve always found a way to incorporate a smile or a laugh into my day. 

Laughter is a beautiful physical and emotional release.  Turning your frown upside will indeed keep you physically healthy.  Studies have shown we can significantly improve our stress and anxiety levels by laughing.  A bit of humor throughout your day also lowers your stress hormone levels such as adrenaline, cortisone, epinephrine and dopamine. Plus, we can exercise our diaphragm and our abdominal muscles from laughter. 

Life comes at us fast and our lives can be stressful.  Stressful circumstances suppress our immune system.  Approaching certain events, activities, meetings, work or our lives at home with a lighter attitude may also help to prevent stress.  Finding humor in a discouraging situation can keep the circumstance light. 


When we laugh, others enjoy being around us.  Smiling and laughter is contagious.  Wearing a smile makes us more attractive.  Studies have also concluded people who laugh a lot are more comfortable in social situations.  They’re also more likely to be hired for a job if they display a good sense of humor. 

Couples who laugh together are known to have greater success in their relationships.  They’re accepting of each other’s faults and enjoy one another’s attributes.

One of my greatest attributes, I make it a point to laugh each and every day.  We have complete control over our attitudes and how we approach all of our daily activities. 

Choose to laugh.  Laugh with passion. Smile a lot. Share your happiness with others.

Bronwyn Ison is the owner of Evolve Yoga and Yoga on Demand 760-564-YOGA (9642)