There Isn’t one size fits all KetoWhy Customization Matters


I’ve found a way to customize Keto so you’ll end up with a workable action plan to help you past any barriers you might have for weight loss.   And, Keto with customization can make it work.   Remember how deep and wide Keto goes and that it’s not what you typically read online.  It is much more flexible, and personal as you learn the many ways to tweak your keto.  That’s why so many women that work with me have lost a minimum of 20 – 80 pounds.

With Support You Can Do This


Support is the cornerstone of any major lifestyle change. If you surround yourself with supportive people, or those with similar goals, you will have a better chance of being successful than going it on your own.

If you get opposition from people, you are close to about Keto you have to muster your inner passion and strength to stay the course…and it’s even more important you have a support system so you don’t give up. How do you do this?

  • Tell your friends about your goals and ask them for support and to respect your decisions and your keto lifestyle.
  • Learn to say no…sometimes we people please others without even realizing it.   Don’t say yes, when you mean no.  Take a minute before you say yes… to pause… and ask yourself if it’s in alignment with your goals.  Then give yourself permission to say no, if it’s not.   You aren’t being selfish.  You don’t have to explain your choices to anyone and in the long run it will get easier and make your keto lifestyle become second nature.  It will be where you want to live!
  • If you don’t get support at home…. don’t let it stop you from your long-term goals.  I encourage you to make Keto friends. I’m always available for questions and support and inspiration.  Whatever you need…private message me on my web ( or Facebook @ketoiseasycoach

Putting It All Together

The key to sticking to any life changes and reaping long-term health benefits is making Keto your ongoing lifestyle.

By making simple food substitutes with your everyday food choices, having the support, making meals easy, using customization and the many diet hacks from an expert diet coach like myself  you will find yourself making amazing progress

You’ve got this!

Living Keto as a Lifestyle

There’s so much controversy and confusing information that says keto can’t be sustainable as a lifestyle.   I’m going to share with you what’s kept me Keto and how you can do it too!  I heard that keto isn’t sustainable early on in my keto journey and it never made sense to me.  I feel the best ever and I’m eating delicious foods and Keto is backed by science… so I made a decision to take my health (prediabetes) into my own hands and I’ve proved that not only is it possible…it doesn’t have to be difficult.  I’ve been successful at living the Keto life for over 3 years.  I wish someone would have told me otherwise and that it’s possible to stay motivated especially if you keep your mind on the big picture and overall wellness!

Whenever I’m asked about Keto as a long-term solution to wellbeing I say YES!   You can do it… You learn to shop differently and eat differently.  You eat plenty of healthy nutrient dense foods and keep it simple.  I’m often asked how do I keep it Keto with all of life’s temptations?    When you feel better, look younger, lose weight, are healthy and eat delicious foods… what’s not to love. if you cheat, and you will, you simply get right back on the diet.  One cheat meal may kick you out of ketosis, but you make a commitment to never let it kick you out of Keto! Let’s explore my approach to keeping it keto!

Let’s talk about weight loss….

Weight loss is an important goal for most of us and Keto is the best way to lose weight and burn fat.  There are many ways to lose weight, and lots of diet choices, and most of us have tried them all … but most diets set us up to fail.  They just aren’t sustainable for many reasons …but one of the most common is you find yourself always hungry and it seems like a battle to stick to the plan…or the diet of the week… that’s just no way to live.

Another common reason is that once you reach your goal, you lose your motivation.  Being thinner and buying new clothes just isn’t enough to keep us on track when temptations come across our radar…. or our plate!     When you work so hard to lose weight and reach your goal you want to find a way to stay on track and not fall back into bad habits that are pure sabotage.  How?

With Keto I’m determined to maintain it as a lifestyle and teach it to others… and its way beyond the weight loss (although I love having the same size clothes in my closet for many years now. that makes me happy, and I want that for you too) You need to be motivated in ways that inspire and sustain you beyond weight.  So, let’s talk about it.