By Crystal Harrell

A need to create has always existed within local artist Alicia (a.k.a. AREconsciousart). Throughout the years, her loved ones encouraged her to keep with it and she has been painting and drawing consistently for about 15 years. She began with ink drawings and later started to incorporate acrylic paint.

With her artistic pseudonym in the abstract genre, Alicia works with various mediums, tools, and techniques. Acrylics and ink are her go-to mediums—using a variety of tools that range from plastic dry cleaning bags, and rakes, to kitchen utensils. She repurposes and recycles items as often as possible. Alicia has also made Giclee prints on paper from her bigger acrylic pieces and started making stickers from some of the drawings.

“I derive inspiration from the belief that creativity has the power to connect all of us for the greater good of humanity. I want my art to be a beacon of hope for a New Earth. Creation is part of our human existence. It brings about innovation and the discovery of new connections between existing ideas to effect progressive change. Truth be told, my need to create art is powerful and I would do it whether anyone saw it or not,” shared Alicia.


During the pandemic, Alicia recognized the need for joy and beauty amid trying times. She and her family created a pop-up called “Open Spaces from the Windmills to the Sea.” Alicia’s art pieces were set up in open spaces from the Windmills in Palm Springs to the Salton Sea. Spectators could view the art from their cars without having to be in large crowds in a “drive-thru gallery” of sorts. She received many inspirational messages of gratitude and hope from the community.

Alicia has lived in the Coachella Valley for 20 years, and she has developed a strong sense of care for her environment. In an effort to raise consciousness in the area, Alicia has performed “Earth Acupuncture” in open areas to promote peace and healing in the community. Currently, she is creating a series of mandalas that are inspired by the zodiac. The mandalas are ink on paper that include the zodiac symbol, planet, and element. Alicia plans on making stickers from this series, with the first one being available on Etsy and her website.

“My favorite piece is always the one I’m working on. I love playing with form, line, and color. In that space, there is no self seeking and I am lost in the process. It is a beautiful struggle to channel the energy that emerges onto a canvas or paper. When I create my artwork, I entangle with ideals of peace and universal consciousness. I transfer that energy into all the pieces that I create. The artwork serves as a portal to a deeper reality that we are One. This interconnectivity of art and community has the capacity to bring people of diverse backgrounds together. That energy is transferred into my artwork and the work takes on an organic quality,” expressed Alicia.

Alicia has a range of artistic influences that inspire her, ranging from Jean Michel Basquiat, Frida Kahlo, Wassily Kandinsky, Lee Krasner, and Alejandro Santiago among many others. Her spiritual influences are Mooji, Alan Watts, Terrance McKenna, Eckhart Tolle, ancient wisdom traditions, quantum theory, and nature. She is also hoping to exhibit at the next LoveLocalCV event.

“I would advise artists to go inward for inspiration. Let the process flow through you and get lost in it. I believe that to evolve as an artist you need to create and experiment as often as possible. In this way, you can access a deeper level within yourself and the art,” said Alicia.

Alicia’s art can be viewed on her Instagram @areconsciousart, her Etsy @AREconsciousart, and her official website: