California-native, Gina Zollman, a renowned cabaret singer, is gearing up to pour her heart into a special tribute to her lifelong inspiration, Anne Murray. Gina will delight audiences with her captivating tribute to the iconic Anne Murray in her upcoming cabaret, “Can I Have This Dance?” The much anticipated event will take place at the prestigious Arthur Newman Theatre, on Mother’s Day, promising an afternoon of mesmerizing soulful melodies and heartfelt moments.

In this enchanting performance, Gina Zollman will showcase her exceptional vocal prowess as she honors Anne Murray, one of the most celebrated voices in the history of music. Audiences can expect an immersive experience, where each note and lyric pays tribute to the legendary artist’s enduring legacy. Gina Zollman, a beloved figure in our local arts scene, will not only perform Anne Murray’s timeless classics, but will also debut an original song crafted as a personal homage to the iconic artist. This tribute holds a profound significance for Gina, as the first song she ever got paid to perform was an Anne Murray classic. Zollman, known for her cabaret shows, expresses her admiration for Anne Murray’s musical journey and drama-free lifestyle. The cabaret promises to be a heartfelt celebration, allowing fans of both artists to come together and relish in the magic of timeless music.

“I am thrilled to bring Anne Murray’s incredible repertoire to life in ‘Can I Have This Dance?’ Her music has been a great source of inspiration for me, and this tribute is my way of expressing gratitude to a true musical legend” – Gina Zollman

“Can I Have This Dance?” premieres at Arthur Newman Theatre at 3pm on Sunday, May 12th. Tickets are $20. Concessions and Merchandise will be sold in the lobby before and after the show.


Local media representatives are invited to attend this special event and experience the magic firsthand. Capture the emotions, the music, and the essence of the evening. Interviews with Gina Zollman can be arranged upon request to add a personal touch to your coverage.

For tickets, sponsorship opportunities, media inquiries, interviews, or any other information, call Gina’s Publicity Director, Jessica Lenz, at 760-409-8448 or go online at Arthur Newman Theatre is located at the Joslyn Center in Palm Desert at 73750 Catalina Way.