What is the definition of “good” art? According to Tolstoy, art must create a specific emotional link between artist and audience, one that “affects” the viewer. Good art has the “ability to unite people though clear and genuine communication.” Tolstoy believed that the concept of art embraces any human activity in which one emitter, by means of external signs, transmits previously experienced feelings, communication that is clear, sincere and focused on one emotion. While the argument over what is “good” art can be a long, winded debate, Tolstoy’s definition absolutely applies to Graphite Artist, Lori Gonzales.

A purist to the forum, Lori’s works cover the genre from architectural drawings, to portraits, and her preferred subject, photo replica. Armed with only a piece of graphite lead, a blending stone and fine point pencil, Lori displays a surreal ability to draw the soul of her creatures, buildings and people off of the page. In her architectural drawings her fascination and love for detail shows in the hours spent, drawing completely free hand, lines and details with acute precision and stunning accuracy. In her submissions of animals, the creatures are alive as you stare into their eyes as if they are ready to pounce. In line with Tolstoy’s criteria for “good art”, Lori’s gift is in translating from photo to page, the many minute details that make her drawings come to life.
With no formal training at all, Lori found herself drawn to the black and white forum as it allows her the freedom to communicate her natural love for details and dimension. She also displays an uncanny eye and ability to see things in more than one dimension. She displays this in the way she autographs her pieces in anagram. Showing much potential as an artist in her field in her early years, she put aside her craft as she raised her children. Picking it back up again, now that her children are grown, she has found that her passion and gift have returned to her even stronger than before. A true natural artist, Lori Gonzales’ art and sweet soul are sure to leave a lasting impression.
Lori Gonzales is also the owner of Basalt Man, a company that focuses on the fusion of rock and water art, with her partner and fellow artist Greg Trenschel. To see more of Lori’s art or Basalt Man, call her at (760) 534-2207 or visit the Basalt Man office at 166 San Rafael Place on the corner of Indian Canyon & San Rafael Way behind Tuscany Showroom in Palm Springs.


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