Hunting for Easter goodies is an activity that children of all ages enjoy, however, there can be a few problems if parents are not careful says Fire Chief Sam DiGiovanna.

In order to prevent choking, avoid hard, round candy or candy with nuts. Children’s airways are higher and narrower than an adult’s, creating a choking hazard. Use the same caution with small Easter toys. Fake grass is not digestible, so keep it away from little children.

Eggs are a potentially hazardous food. In other words, they are capable of supporting the rapid growth of disease-causing bacteria like Salmonella. Before boiling eggs for Easter decorating/painting, they must be kept refrigerated. Cool your eggs in cold water or just in the air. Be careful of hot water/scald accidents.

Do not hide eggs in cupboards or drawers with dangerous products. Do not hide eggs in, on or under glass. Do not hide eggs in preexisting holes in the ground or trees. Do not hide eggs in any plant that have thorns or sharp stiff leaves. Do not hide eggs in any animal’s home, food bowl or play area. After hunting – Eggs that show cracks or damage, throw them away.


Many of us will be traveling to family, friends, Church and brunches. Buckle up, plan your route and drive safely as we share the road with others. Remember, “put that phone AWAY!”

Have a great Easter!

Fire Chief Sam DiGiovanna