By Aimee Mosco

“…energy responds to your directives, as it has no particular objective beyond the programming it receives…” –Gratitude + Forgiveness x (LOVE) = Happiness, by Aimee Mosco and Donald L. Ferguson, page 50.

The most direct path to achieving your goals is one that is mapped. In other words, it is helpful to have a plan when you are looking to create an expected outcome. While a map doesn’t ensure that everything will roll out as anticipated, it is a guideline for achievement that keeps you aligned with a desired outcome.

A spiritual map looks different than a physical map, business plan or schedule of events, because its purpose is to secure the matrix underneath all other types of plans. It sets the tone for how your journey unfolds. It allows you to be flexible and remain open to new pathways of opportunity impossible to see in advance, while still serving as a solid guide. Creating a spiritual map is an ideal way to chart an energetic course to success. 


The best kind of spiritual map is one born of thoughtful contemplation. When you are collecting elements with which to craft your map, consider the underpinnings of the success you have achieved in the past. What underlying qualities guided this success? Self-confidence? Creativity? And what would have helped you to meet with an even higher potential? Listening more intently to your intuition? Striking a better balance between work and play?

When you have considered which elements to carry forward from other experiences, and which elements to invite for fortification on your journey, you will be ready to craft your spiritual map.

A spiritual map works in tandem with the energy of the Universe, meaning, energetic resources are most successfully delivered through the application of Universal Laws.

You call on support delivered from the Universe by expressing intentions, affirmations and a visualization.

Intentions are requests for energy to be delivered to you. The Universal Law of Attraction answers your intent with the gift of supportive energy. Affirmations are statements of belief that you have received the requested energy. The Universal Law of Belief circulates and amplifies the energy you have received from the Universe. A personal visualization is one that depicts your interpretation of success. The Universal Law of Creation trains energy to form energy patterns or bring energy into form in a specific way according to your visual interpretations.

When you align the elements of your spiritual map with the function of Universal Laws, you are, in effect, consciously programming the energetic foundation of the experiences you will have on the journey ahead.

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