By Craig Michaels

Together with his rock star appearance, MarJovi, whose real name is Marcello Adamo, has an interesting story on how he came up with his stage name. “One night, singing karaoke with my friend Red Ness, I sang “Livin on a Prayer” by Bon Jovi, someone shouted “MarJovi” and I laughed as did Red. I guess it stuck, I kind of liked it,” MarJovi added. While confessing that he may not sound just like Bon jovi, he is one of only a handful of KJ’s that can sing like him.

Some of his early musical influences came from watching great musicians jamming while they were working with his father who was a sound engineer in a recording studio. It was obvious to him the musicians were passionate about their work, “they looked like they were having more fun than working, it was kind of appealing to me,” remembers MarJovi. The young performer was inspired to enroll in a traveling choir at school and began professional vocal training but it wouldn’t be until his early 30’s that his vocal skills would start earning him money.

Taking a detour from singing at age 18, MarJovi decided he wanted to become a professional Golfer. After working on his game, he got really good at it and brought his handicap down to a Zero. In his early 20’s, MarJovi found himself stuck in rut and losing some of his mojo. In an effort to progress him back into the pro events, a friend forced him to sing karaoke to help regain his confidence. He quickly recalled his love for singing: “It had been years since I sang and I was terrified to say the least. I started singing and was a bit taken back by the remarks people were giving me. I felt like, why haven’t I been doing this more? The Fear went out of me at that moment in time and even though it helped me get my handicap down to a +7.8, I quickly remembered how much fun music and entertainers were to watch as a kid.”


Now married with a son, MarJovi has been a full time Desert resident since 2006. After quitting his job at a local country club and investing in an extensive karaoke library, MarJovi has started his own company called, “Screamin’ Demon Karaoke”. He has spent the last few years perfecting a karaoke show that is entertaining with non-stop music blending of many genres. When you attend one of MarJovi’s karaoke shows, you can detect the fun atmosphere and appreciate the great sound.

The ex-golfer has recently landed the resident KJ position at the world famous Hard Rock Hotel in Palm Springs, “I feel like my hard work is finally starting to pay off and fun is now my job.” You can sing with MarJovi every Thursday night at the Hard Rock hotel for Industry Night or just come in for a great show. Besides his weekly karaoke gig on Thursdays, he also does private parties and special events. If you would like to follow MarJovi, you can find him on Facebook under, KJ MarJovi or email him at: for more information on booking his services.

Written by: Craig Michaels
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