Valentine’s Day was started in 270 AD when Emperor Claudius II executed two men with the name Valentine in different years on February 14th. Instead of showering our lover or prospective lover with chocolates, flowers, and candlelight dinners, here are some suggestions for gifts to your wife, husband, son or daughter, mother or father.

Give the gift of life by giving up smoking cigarettes, which not only leads to lung disease, but is directly responsible for heart and vascular disease. Switch to smoking cannabis. In 2012, the AMA published a landmark study that followed more than 5,000 patients longitudinally over 20 years. The results of the study were somewhat surprising, described below. (Addict Behav. 2013 Sep;38(9):2433-6. doi: 10.1016/j.addbeh.2013.03.011. Epub 2013 Apr 1).

Although many had assumed that regular exposure to marijuana smoke would result in pulmonary function damage, similar to the deleterious effects seen with regular tobacco smoke exposure, the study convincingly demonstrated that regular exposure to marijuana smoke did not adversely affect lung function.


Even more surprising, regular marijuana smokers demonstrated increased total lung function capacity. Cannabis is recommended for patients with chronic obstructive lung disease. THC is known to be a bronchodilator. CBD is known to be anti-ischemic and can reduce the addictive craving for smoking.

Absorb CBD 25:1, per their website, is a great way to engage in the act of smoking and actually have it be beneficial!  The effects of the vape are instant to the brain making it superior for headaches, bad moods, and for helping with addictive behavior. One of the coolest uses we have heard yet of vaping high CBD is that it really helps people with addictions.  It really helps people quit smoking cigarettes. There is no psychotropic high with this ratio of CBD, yet it should release serotonin and melatonin (a property shown about high-quality CBD). Absorb strain of ACDC has a beautiful flavor (terpene) line up.

For those whom smoking is not an option try Reset a full spectrum extract with a 1:1 ratio of CBD:THC, made by this product is taken daily as a maintenance dose for prevention. THC, THCa, CBD, and CBDa are all known to have anti-cancer, antioxidant properties. Include in your box of candies a bottle of Fiddlers Green THCa:CBDa.

A reference for cannabis use in cancer is: (The endocannabinoid system and cancer: therapeutic implication, Guindon, Josée, et al British Journal of Pharmacology, 2011, 163: 1447-1467). I cannot stress enough the side effects of cannabis are dose dependent. A starting dose of TCH is 2.5mg for naïve users. Long time users may need 20 or 30mg if they develop tolerance.

Naïve users ingesting recreational cannabis can experience angina as a typical joint will contain 30% THC. CBD is a known antidote for modulating the effects of THC. If you are a regular smoker of cannabis it would be wise to have on hand for yourself or guest, a pure CBD product of 5, or 10, or 15mg of CBD/drop or/spray. CBD reverses the paranoia, palpitations, cardiovascular and stroke effects of an overdose of THC. No CBD? Eat some peppercorns instead.

Cannabis is purchased with cash. No insurance reimburses for cannabis. Giving medical cannabis to your mother, father or spouse is a splendid Valentines gift. Accompany your Valentine card with a promise to make out a Will and/or Advanced Directive for Health Care.

Valentine’s Day is a special time of year when we share our unique love for someone. While the commercialization of Valentine’s Day focuses on romance, lets bring tidings to our other loves in our lives. Those who we cherish daily for the calming presence they bring deserve health wise attention.

The chocolates will melt. The flowers will wilt. The dinner may be eaten in an hour. But a living will, an advanced directive, or defraying the cost of medical cannabis for our parents will be a lasting reminder of how much we appreciate their unconditional love.

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