By Noe Gutierrez

When I consider traveling around the United States I think about vacation, solitude and relaxation. Michael Keeth begs to differ. Since the pandemic began, Keeth has brought virtual audiences his unique brand of acoustic, soulful and moving Rock and Roll that has provided individuals smiles on their faces and comfort in their hearts.

It would be easier to list the states and locales Keeth has not visited. Keeth has performed live in California, Oregon, Arizona, Florida, Georgia and beyond…even on the side of the road!

Recently, Keeth received the “Live From The Road” award at the 2020 Coachella Valley Music Awards for the dedication to his craft and commitment he has made in providing entertainment to a live music-hungry audience.


Coachella Valley Weekly interrupted Keeth in the midst of his journey to learn more about his musical pilgrimage.

CVW: What compelled you to pack up your family, travel and perform around the United States?

MK: “After several months at home, two shutdowns and a county wide ban on live music, we needed to get on the road to find gigs, adventure and mental peace. We bought and renovated a little ‘65 Shasta Compact Trailer, put all of our stuff in storage and took off! We’re still being safe, as far as social distancing, masks, etc., but seeing different places, playing in new towns, and spending time together as a whole family is really a dream come true. I’ve been able to book a growing list of venues in Florida and Georgia which has been great. And as always, I am so grateful to my online friends who are so supportive and great company when I live stream on Facebook.

Also, my awesome wife Jodi and our amazing kids, Quinn, Mikey and Riley have been so brave and willing to go with the flow through these crazy times. I’m a very lucky and thankful man.”

CVW: Where can fans provide financial support to your mission?

Keeth: “Any virtual tips are greatly appreciated to keep this tour going!”

Venmo: @michael-keeth


CVW: Do you have any new tunes you’re working on releasing?

Keeth: “I have several new songs that I love to play live and I’m looking forward to recording a new EP this summer. Lots of lyrics are coming out of these struggles we’re all witnessing and experiencing.”

CVW: You’ve performed with so many wonderful and diverse musicians in your career, what do you enjoy about collaborating with others and how differently do you approach your solo work?

Keeth: “It’s always a lot of fun to collaborate, and yes, I have been lucky to know and work with so many great creators. As you know, playing and/or writing in a band is an immersive and magical type of experience. The louder volume and mixture of ideas coming to life is surreal.

Playing and writing solo is equally special but definitely more intimate. I think you can lose yourself in what you’re playing and singing. There’s a space there to really feel the lyrics and what inspired them without the subconscious ‘keeping watch’ over syncing with other players.

That’s why I love to do both.”

CVW: What are some of your favorite experiences thus far?

Keeth: “It’s been a whirlwind! We got stuck in a Texas snowstorm on the 10 Fwy for 11 hours, swam in the open ocean off the Florida keys, I slipped on a ladder coming out of a boat channel and chipped my tooth, we’ve seen manitees, dolphins and alligators, walked on white powder beaches, gone off-roading in the red Georgia mud, laughed a lot, and eaten really good southern food.

Thank you so much for checking in. We send our love to the Coachella Valley and hope everyone stays healthy.”

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