By Denise Ortuno

Enjoy the benefits of a youth rendering facelift without the pain of surgery by international esthetician, Suzanne Boehm.

The desire to look and feel young is an age old want. Most times, someone looking to turn back time for their face would have to turn to a traditional facelift surgery, which can not only be quite expensive, but also very painful. Thankfully, there is an alternative to the knife as well as the price, and that is with the Micro-Current Facelift. The innovative procedure uses electrical currents that literally “wakes up” dormant cells, reactivating collagen production, and stimulating elastin, giving the skin a revitalized look.

Suzanne Boehm, who has an impressive 50 years of collective experience as an esthetician in the U.S and in Europe, performs the non-evasive procedure at Venus de Fido in Palm Desert, with the patented MYOPULSE 75LN system. Boehm is licensed in 7 countries. I recently tagged along to see Boehm work her magic on CV Weekly’s very own Tracy Dietlin. Boehm welcomes clients into a comfortable space complete with soft music, refreshing aromas and demure lighting, where they can relax while getting their procedure done. Dietlin, after changing into provided appropriate garb, relaxed on the long cushioned surface and was wrapped up in a cozy blanket for optimal comfort.


After the client is relaxed, Boehm cleanses and exfoliates the skin with a fingertip massage. Then, she grounds the client for safety from the electricity, but the current is not dangerous, “It’s just enough power to make the wings of a butterfly move,” says Boehm. She distributes creams on the skin that are necessary for using the probes, as they cannot be used on dry skin. She starts to micro-current the neck with an appropriate probe (customized for the needs of the clients’ skin), all the while adjusting the current to effect the best result. The probes lead up to the face, as she changes the size of the probe several times, with each one performing its own benefit. She used four different probes on Dietlin. Boehm prides herself on making her clients so comfortable and relaxed that they most times fall asleep, as the back and forth motion of the cool metal probes can have a hypnotic appeal, and indeed, Dietlin did fall asleep to Boehm’s delight.

The procedure is by no means a quick one, and does take time. Boehm explained to me the importance of patience when electing to do the procedure. The full Micro-Current facelift is done in a series of eleven treatments, over one month. There are clients who request to do just part of the face, such as underneath the eyes, but Boehm stresses that to do just part of the face would be futile, as the cells that did not get energized by the micro-current would actually end up “stealing” the energy from the ones that did. It’s all pretty technical and scientific stuff, and there were time’s quite frankly when what Boehm was explaining to me went way above my head, but she absolutely adores what she does and is very well versed in it.

During Dietlin’s procedure I asked her how she was enjoying the “lift”, and if she was experiencing any pain. She said that there was no pain at all, just little sensations of the cold probes. After Boehm was done with the probes, she rinsed off Dietlin’s face and applied a nutrient filled mask. While the mask was being absorbed, Boehm showed me a series of before and after pictures of her clients. I was amazed by the results, I mean seriously impressed. The photos included both men and women, of different ages and skin types. The Micro-Current Facelift not only addresses sagging skin and wrinkles, but also rosacea, acne, scars, and circulation as well as other skin concerns.

Besides performing the Micro-Current Facelift, Boehm also specializes in the European Facial, which uses a special massage technique that she assures me is supreme in the world of facials, “When giving a European Facial, I ask myself how can I make it the best for my client,” said Boehm, as she is all about making her clients feel and look the best possible.  

Being privy to Tracy Dietlin’s experience was eye opening as to how the Micro-Current Facial by Susan Boehm can make you look and feel. Dietlin left refreshed with her skin a glow with a noticeable difference after just one treatment. Honestly, Boehm herself is the best endorsement for the non-evasive and magical procedure, as she has been using it for years. And at 75 years young, her skin would make any woman half her age envious.

For more information visit or call Susan Boehm at 760-331-7233