By M. Wheel-Zot M.A.S

Migraines can be one of the most debilitating headaches that a person can endure. As a migraine sufferer it can almost seem impossible to recover from the excruciating head pain.  From the nausea to the throbbing of the temples, the sensitivity to any light, the sensitivity to sound, especially loud music, and bodily fatigue that comes from all the pain.

About 40 million Americans report suffering from migraines as a regular health concern and over one billion people around the world report having migraines as a common health problem. The migraine headache is no ordinary common head cold, but it’s a neurological disease that affects the brains neurotransmitters. However, many health care providers believe that these estimated numbers of migraine sufferers are low, and that there are roughly many people who go unreported and undiagnosed with neurological head pain.

At Risk for Migraines:

  • Women
  • Hormonal Changes from ages 18-44
  • People who have a family history of neurological disease
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia sufferers
  • High Stress Levels

Unfortunately, women are at a higher risk for migraines because of their hormonal fluctuations; in today’s high stress lifestyles, women are pressured to work more out of the home, as they take care of their families and their needs.  It is reported that 8 out of 10 people who suffer from migraines are women.  Emergency rooms have reported that women in their childbearing ages; is a third most common reason for their visit in the ER.

It is estimated that 1 out of 4 women will have a migraine in their lives that will keep them from going to functions and partaking in family outings’ because women often suffer from severe, and constant migraine attacks due to hormonal estrogen levels.  Yet so many suffer from migraines; moms, sisters, fathers, brothers, uncles, aunts, and now our children suffer from migraines!

Migraine Medication:

Taking migraine medication can be just as debilitating- as the neurological head pain stabilizes its brains receptors back to normal.  Yet, many patients have reported that over the counter drug medications do not help them with their migraines, and prescription drugs; specifically for migraines- have a whole new set of uncomfortable side effects when trying to get relief of the throbbing and nauseating pain of a migraine.

Yet, as mentioned in my last article (Cannabis Scientist) the endocannabinoid system contains CB1 and CB2 which function as an anti-inflammatory medicine and that the ECS system helps the neurotransmitters attach to the cannabinoid receptors.  This aids the vertebrate and the central nervous system in reducing inflammation for chronic migraine sufferers because the magic and power of the CBD plant has a deep profound history with healing the human body and its nerves, which is a wonderful option for the neurological migraine.

Charlottes Web CBD makes a variety of products that can be beneficial, yet for the unexperienced user please confide in your health care provider before trying anything new.  Yet, when introducing CBD products to the body, like Charlotte’s Web 60 mgs of CBD oil; created with love and care.  The CBD oil provides beneficial phytocompounds for a full anti-inflammatory and full spectrum plant medicine relief.

CBD is one of the most pleasant plant medicines you can experience with no harsh side effects.  The whole purpose of using any CBD product is to reduce stress and inflammation within the ECS system.  The 25MG CBD oil capsules by Charlotte’s Web are also helpful with many inflammatory discomforts, STRESS, which is a great contributor to modern day migraines, and a variety of other pain ailments.  The unique oil capsules have two ingredients- a carrier oil and Charlottes Web special proprietary hemp ingredients. It’s a simple clean label and a full-spectrum plant extract which delivers the CBD to help the human bodies ECS system de-stress and reduce inflammation that causes many health problems.

The key to using CBD with and without THC is to reduce the body’s inflammation; because when the body heals from any inflammatory disease the body can repair itself with no harsh side effects.  One of my favorite CBD products are gummy candies.  The Charlotte’s Web 15 mg CBD helps reduce inflammation, lowers anxiety, helps with sleep, and mood.  Many of these ailments can be triggers to a migraine headache.  That is why CBD can be a great preventer of migraines and other health problems because its main function is to reduce inflammation and stress.

Healing the body of its migraine triggers is another important aspect to maintaining your health yet eating healthy foods and using healthy products like CBD can help reduce the body’s inflammation, can give you a lifetime’s relief of pain, and maybe save you a trip to the emergency room.

Remember when using any cannabis medicine please consult with your health care provider (Doctor) and many CBD products may have less than 3% THC.  When choosing a Cannabis product please read its disclosed ingredients.

Note: Awareness and Mindfulness is key to many of the body’s needs. All my articles are based on patient reports, and company representatives who are trained by CBD scientists and cannabis laboratories.