Ask DJ Noe Hilario how he likes owning his entertainment company and he will tell you, “Djing is more than just my job, it’s my passion. I am not a hobbyist; this is what I was meant to do. Whether it is a small gathering or a huge event at a large venue, I give them the best of me.” At the age of 14, Noe began Djing with his brother as a hobby. Over time, his brother would fade out of the picture while Noe would continue to practice his DJ skills and would start using the Name DJ Mirage.
Noe would later move to Lancaster where he met his current wife, Michelle, who is now his business partner. The two agreed to make their entertainment company official by using Noe’s DJ name and formed Mirage events. “I am the musician and the technician of the duo and my wife is the one that makes sure it all looks good. She has the woman’s perspective which is so vital for important events,” explains Noe. The husband wife team not only grew their business but expanded their family by four (three girls and one boy.)
Mirage Events prides themselves on creating awesome atmospheres for parties and putting on great shows. Noe Explains what sets them apart from other companies, “every event we cover is unique and important to us and that is why we take the time to understand what each and every client needs. We will meet with the client as many times as it takes (within reason) to assure that their event is the best it can be and we do not charge for that.” Besides their attention to detail, Mirage Events knows image is important too. They painstakingly make sure all the speakers and cables are covered which is something their clients appreciate. “I have done many events that have taken six hours or more for me to set up but it is always worth it to see the clients face when they walk in,” emphasizes Noe.
After visiting family who live in the Coachella Valley over the years, Noe and Michelle decided last August to make the move to La Quinta and now call the Coachella Valley home. With his over 15 years of DJ experience and the support of his wife, Noe is excited to establish a strong foundation for Mirage Events and becoming a part of the diverse desert community. Both Noe and his wife have been very involved in charity events in Los Angeles and Hollywood for the LGBTY community and have donated their services to schools and other events for children in the past.
Mirage Events not only covers musical and lighting needs but they also provide other entertainment such as belly dancers upon requests for events. This additional entertainment is provided by Michelle’s company called Dancing Mirage, which is Mirage Events sister company. You can find more information about thier sister company at If you would to find out more about Mirage Events you can call 661 339-3393 or visit them on the web at

Written by: Craig Michaels
Musical Affair Entertainment
(760) 619-3276