The Indio Court is inundated with DUI’s cases every February to April because of the season’s Holiday and Super Bowl party DUI arrests that are set for court a month or two after the arrest date.

Drivers mistakenly believe they were not drunk and thus they should win their case believing they didn’t deserve the DUI. You only have to be impaired, not drunk.

If you have been drinking there is good chance you will be arrested. The first mistake is drivers do not realize it is not the number of drinks but rather the amount of alcohol in each drink that is determinative as well as one’s weight.

It is a mistake for drivers to talk to the officers. Silence is Golden/Handcuffs are Silver. Drivers should be respectful and courteously explain their lawyer Dale Gribow advised them not to talk without his ok. Ask them to contact me 760-837-7500/ Explain that if Gribow ok’s it, then you are happy to talk. Make me the bad guy so you become the good guy.


Drivers are not aware the Field Sobriety (FST) and Breath Test at the scene are optional (unless you are under 21 or are on probation). They mistakenly believe they have to take the walk the line, finger to nose, reciting the alphabet backwards and other so called sobriety tests.

Drivers are mistaken if they do not politely explain they want to cooperate with law enforcement and are willing to do anything that is mandatory. They should explain they understand the FST tests are elective and they elect not to take them, but are happy to cooperate and take a Blood test.

DUI drivers mistakenly believe they merely have to appear in court on the date on the bottom of the arrest citation. A DUI kicks in two proceedings, the court and DMV. Drivers are mistaken when they do not realize that DMV must be contacted within 10 days and a Stay should be requested by their lawyer. Not asking a STAY on the suspension, is another mistake as their license will suspended after 30 days. The Stay provides a temporary license which is good until the DMV matter is resolved.

Drivers mistakenly believe they will never encounter a checkpoint or saturation patrols. Most drivers have heard of checkpoints but not saturation patrols. Both have to meet the proper lawful and constitutional protocols to succeed. The idea behind a saturation patrol is that a large number of law enforcement officers will “make their presence known” by conducting stops, targeting inebriated, distracted, aggressive and speeding drivers, as well as those with seatbelt or cell phone violations.

You are mistaken if you think the officer must have probable cause to stop you. At a sobriety checkpoint anybody can be stopped and requested to take a breath test. However, this does not mean your rights were compromised if you failed a breath test or a sobriety test at a checkpoint. There are procedures and guidelines that all officers at checkpoints must follow for the DUI test to be valid.

If you drank and drove you clearly made the biggest mistake of your life. Don’t make another mistake by hiring an attorney from out of town who does not know the local DMV Hearing Officers/DA’s and Judges. The newest mistake you make is not taking down your social media because you are providing the DA’s with all the information they would need to learn about you and your friends. You mistakenly allow them to contact your friends and read about drinking issues that you post on Facebook.

But if you do Drink and Drive, you are mistaken if you do not realize we also SUE Drunk Drivers that injure our clients.



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