By Tracy Dietlin

I’m not sure if there is another creature on this planet that dreams bigger and bolder than a singer/songwriter/performer.  I’m not just talking about the brave and talented folks you run across singing karaoke who are obviously passionate about music.  Nor am I talking about those of us who just daydream in the shower, singing into the soap.  I am talking about those special ones – you know who they are!  The ones that will practice for weeks, spend large parts of their day job income on instruments and equipment, drive a hundred miles in a beat up car to get paid $100 (if their lucky) for 2-6 hours of work.  Yes I called it WORK.  It is work to go through all of that for that once in a while moment of glory – when someone or a handful (please God – a room full) of people actually put their drinks down for a second, stop talking and hear you…connect with you and find the words and melody that bleed out of you to be something of worth.  It is on these individuals that RR Broadcasting and Mix 100.5 FM shines a spotlight every Friday morning between 8am-8:30am, radio prime time, so that the Coachella Valley can hear for themselves, just how many amazingly talented troubadours we have living and creating right here.

“Mike Mozingo approached me about it after we judged the Reverb Nation’s Battle of the Bands at the Hard Rock Palm Springs a little over a month ago,” shared Lisa Morgan, founder of the non-profit, Southern California Desert Musician’s Alliance (SCDMA) and Head Music Writer for CV Weekly.  “I jumped at the chance to help make this happen.  This falls right in line with the mission of SCDMA- networking to educate and create opportunities for all of our incredibly talented local musicians.  It’s a tough thing, tougher than most people think, to find the passion, inspiration and stamina to keep creating, crafting and putting your music out there.  Many of them have kids, families, and jobs they can’t leave behind to go chase a dream, and the only ROI (return on investment) they can expect is to truly be heard and appreciated.  And for the ones that tough it out, well – they’ll tell you…they don’t really have a choice.  This is who they are; what they are compelled to do.  Take music away and these are some very miserable people!  And I’m not talking about adults only here – we have so many incredible songwriters and performers coming out of our schools in spite of all the cuts to music programs.  For any radio station to give them that moment of validation, that opportunity to share their soul’s expression…well, there just isn’t a price tag on that.”

The creator and host of the station’s Local Music Spotlight, Mike Mozingo, shared, “With the MIX 100.5 Local Music Spotlight, my main goal was to give exposure to our local music scene.  We have a huge community of very talented musicians in the Coachella Valley, and I wanted to tap into that and introduce their music to a new audience.  Unfortunately, not everyone can get out to local bars or clubs to watch our locals musicians perform (including myself), so I thought, ‘Why not bring the show to the listener?’  MIX 100.5 is a station with a long history of being involved with our local community, and I saw this as another way to show our support, as well as to help our local musicians chase their dreams.”


The artists that have been able to participate have shared what the experience has been for them:

Rick Shelly:  “I think live music on radio is what radio should be!  Sharing music and talking about where it came from, knowing about the musician behind it…Mike is doing a cool thing for the artist and the listener. In some cases he is exposing both to something new in the radio experience.  Just remember, every artist, famous or not, is local to some town. We all start somewhere and with help from others.”

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Michael Keeth:  “I had a great time! Mozingo was so great to give local musicians time to play live! I got great response from current fans!”

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James Johnson of The Brosquitos:  “It was an experience to represent the work we constantly are progressing on a local, but huge scale. We have relatives calling us, and telling us how good we sounded, because they were listening into iHeartRadio.”

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Giselle Woo:  “Being featured on the Local Spotlight with Mozingo in the Morning on 100.5 was definitely a memorable experience for me, one that I will cherish and one that I have learned a lot from.  It was my first time ever- I was a bit of a rookie,” she laughed.  “‘But I hope it’s not my last! It’s been two weeks, and new faces are still coming up to me to tell me I did a good job on the radio. It’s very humbling when that happens, and I am grateful to have been given this opportunity.  To me it was a gift from those who believe in us. Thank you Mike Mozingo of Mix 100.5 and thank you Lisa Lynn Morgan of CV Weekly and Southern California Desert Musician’s Alliance for your undying support!”

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Former Morning Show host for Mix 100.5, Bradley Ryan added, “Last year’s Acoustic Palooza (Local musicians were selected to open for top 40 artist, Andy Grammer at the Hard Rock Hotel, Palm Springs, and were also featured live on air) was just my way of helping the local music scene. So many times I’ve heard musicians say how radio sucks because they don’t support the local talent. I never wanted to be that guy, and as soon as I was able, I wanted to give our local artists some shine time. It’s not like it was tough to do; the desert is home to so many incredible artists. Legends started this scene long ago during the era of generator parties and it’s been kept alive and will continue on with this amazing talent pool we are so blessed to have among us. The Coachella Valley right now, is a very special place and time to be a part of as a music fan.”

If you would like an opportunity to be featured on Mix 100.5’s Local Music Spotlight, please submit a video of yourself performing the original, acoustic song you want to perform on air to Southern California Desert Musicians Alliance via Facebook private message:  or email to Lisa Morgan at  Be patient as there are a lot of submissions to go through.  Meanwhile, SCDMA asks that you help keep this going by tuning in and showing your support, sharing the information with your friends, and letting the station know you are listening!

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