By Bronwyn Ison

Each of us are human vehicles in motion. We are incredible forces that have astonishing capabilities mentally and physically. For those of us who have significant motivation, our momentum is thriving. We hit a rhythm and take off with record speeds. You feel and discover your momentum and you’re unstoppable. You feel great and you’re accomplishing your goals.

Each stride, a motivated person, day-to-day, has to conjure enough physical and mental energy to be successful. Self-motivation is a precursor to obtaining and maintaining healthy momentum. It requires incredible focus and discipline to be steadfast.

So, you’ve got it! You’re on fire personally and professionally. Now what? How do you continue to allow the fire in your belly to grow bigger and stronger? How do you keep from allowing your flame to fizzle? You fear you may lose my groove. Let’s face it…Burnout can occur quickly. Here are three suggestions to staying in the flow.


LOVE WHAT YOU DO! The quickest way to burn out quickly will have everything to do with whether or not you are PASSIONATE. You’ve got to have vigor for what you are doing. If you kinda like what you do… this will not be good enough. You must be IN LOVE and excited about getting out of bed in the morning to conquer the world!

NAYSAYERS HAVE TO GO…. Anyone or anything that may be a negative influence in your life… they or it HAS TO GO! Push it to the curb to never be seen again. If anyone tells you cannot accomplish what you are attempting to achieve they don’t deserve to be a part of your victory. People who are jealous or do not have the guts to make the attempts you are trying to achieve are likely jealous and don’t have the moxie to make it happen themselves. Move on!

BALANCE YOUR OWN LIFE. Be certain to take care of yourself. While it’s important to maintain your stride, it’s equally as vital to maintain a healthy balance for you, your family, and friends. You can lose healthy movement personally and professionally if you overwork yourself.

Find your passion. Do what works well for you. Do so with passion. Never give up!

Bronwyn Ison is the owner of Evolve Yoga. 760-564-YOGA