By Denise Ortuno

With a range of Mexican favorites to enjoy, there’s much more to love about Guacamole’s in Palm Springs, besides their tasty namesake.

Yes, it’s true, I love little hole in the wall treasures that dot our beautiful Coachella Valley, and Guacamole’s in Palm Springs certainly fits the mold. This itty bitty eatery located in The Sunrise Plaza on Sunrise Way, has been quietly filling people’s bellies with crave worthy dishes for almost three decades. Tony and Artemisa Sesma created a menu based on a concept of using the freshest of ingredients and cooking healthy, incorporating grilled Baja style original recipes, and omitting MSG and lard. They joyously make their own salsas and sauces, and of course take pride in their Guacamole, using the ripest Hass avocados to create the smooth dish.

My go to at Guacamole’s is their Fish Taco, which I’ve been ordering there for years. I was turned on to it by a friend when I first started going there, and basically have stuck with it. It never lets me down. Made with breaded Atlantic Cod, and topped with cabbage, tomato, cheese and their white sauce, all cradled in a corn tortilla. After ordering the taco, I like to cruise over to their salsa bar, to fill the little plastic cups with a variety of their homemade salsas, their Salsa Verde being a hands down fave. I then take a seat at one of their indoor tables, if there is room in the tight dining area, the intimacy of the space only adds to the experience. There is also a couple of outside tables in the breeze way adjacent to it, for those who want some fresh air action.


For only $3.50, just one of their Fish Tacos fills me up, which always surprises me because they’re not huge, but they are girthy. Something about the whole package, with the added cheese that usually does not accompany most tacos of the pescado type, but it just works on this taco. A couple of layers of their salsa (I’m a saucy girl), and I’m seriously satisfied.

As much as I love my usual at Guacamole’s, I do need to expand my selections on my next trip. What to have, what to have? I think I’ll go for one of their Burritos ( Carne Asada, Char-broiled Chicken, Chile Colorado, Spinach and more), with the option of being served Enchilada style, topped with sauce and cheese. Or maybe their special Claudia Salad (romaine and iceberg lettuce, tossed with their cilantro dressing, topped with char-broiled chicken and tomatoes), or I’ll go lite with one of their Guac De-Lites, tortilla-less tacos and burritos, or burrito salad. And of course I’ll have some of their Guacamole and homemade chips, because come on, it’s the name of the place!

There’s plenty more to enjoy at this little gem in the corner of The Plaza at Sunrise. The Sesma’s came up with a lasting recipe, that continues to grow their following, keeping it simple with fresh food, friendly service, and the adorable tininess of the place. Guacamoles will always be one of my choice little dens of Mexican deliciousness.

Guacamoles is located at 555 So. Sunrise Way, Palm Springs, Ca 92262

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