By Sunny Simon

You are looking forward to the New Year and have completed the following three steps, right?  1) Spent quiet time creating goals for the 2017. 2) Broke each goal down to bite-sized action steps. 3) Set timelines and milestones for each major goal. All good? Great! You’re off to a fine start. If you are committed to accomplishing goals you’re positioned for a successful year. But it takes more than just executing on plan to experience true joy and fulfillment in your life.

Perhaps you’ve determined this is your year of flight. If so, a word of caution. Jumping through those hoops and grabbing the brass ring is exhilarating, but factor in another element. In addition to hard work, creativity and innovation, a fourth essential ingredient is caring.

Want that promotion? Go for it, but not at the expense of your integrity. Treat others fairly as you climb the ladder. Be considerate of the team mates you leave behind. Offer up praise and credit to those who gave you a boost. Seek out ways to pay it back and continually create scenarios to pay if forward. A successful leader is a graceful winner. Be humble. A dose of humility is inspirational to those observing your movement up the ranks.


Ready to leave your current employer and join that sexy, hot new start-up? If that is your career plan, do so, but execute your termination with both grace and consideration. Once you’ve signed the offer letter, follow the proper protocol.

Do not broadcast the good news and start collecting high-fives until you’ve met with your current manager and extended a proper notice period. Thank your leader both privately and publicly for all the opportunities provided. If you had a close relationship and you are so inclined, by all means present a parting gift. Even if your relationship was adversarial, rise above the inclination to be less than kind. Never burn a bridge, but if necessary, do burn the midnight oil tying up loose ends. Spend adequate time training your replacement or others who will be performing the function after you leave. Once you’ve departed, show that you care by keeping in touch. Don’t lose sight of trusted friends and colleagues.

Wherever your goals, determination and hard work take you, plan to arrive at that destination with grace and humility. Acting in a caring and considerate manner will sweeten your successful journey. When the year is over and you reflect back, you’ll find 2017 was your best year yet!

Sunny Simon is the owner of Raise the Bar High Life and Career Coaching and the author of the blog,