By Craig Michaels

Radio personality Doug Mize, is extremely passionate if not obsessive about his broadcasting career. His background is vast in radio, television, and other forms of entertainment. Doug’s embrace of new technology and ideas over the past 14 years has enabled him to secure more radio jobs than I can mention in this article.

His first memories of wanting to become a radio personality were at the age of seven while growing up in the Pacific Northwest. Doug would stay up late at night amusing himself listening to the local DJ who was witty and always sounded like he was having fun. In addition to his love of radio at a young age, Doug also played bass guitar and clarinet. He admits his taste in music while growing up was not quite like his school mates; “Yes, I was a nerd in school and loved the Big Band sound. I was fascinated with Benny Goodman, jazz, and that clarinet got me a letter,” recalls Doug.

After moving to the East coast during his high school years, Doug would eventually move back the West coast where he attended the American School of Broadcast. Seizing an opportunity presented to him from one of his broadcasting school instructors, Dong secured his fist job in radio on a country station. Starting out as a board operator, Doug would quickly be offered an air shift a week later and at the age of 19, he earned the title of Assistant Program Director.


A few years went by and Doug decided to take a break from radio and go back to school to become a lawyer. His enthusiasm for law school would fade to make way for a new job working in the American Forces Network (AFN). Doug worked as a television operator recording and editing shows and voiced many of the promos on AFN Prime channels.

There is one thing that is certain about Doug, he loves to work. While still working at the AFN he began voice tracking radio shows for Clear Channel and doing some weekend work at KOLA 99.9. He loved being on the air but was tired of working multiple jobs. When a full time position opened up at KOLA 99.9 in the Inland Empire where he was living, Doug decided to take it.

In October of last year Doug was offered the afternoon slot at The Eagle 106.9 in Palm Springs. His quick wit and humor he acquired while doing some stand-up comedy in between radio gigs can be heard from 2pm to 7pm weekdays. Don’t let his dry sense of humor fool you. Doug is very conscientious of the listeners and obsessive about making the Eagle sound the absolute best it can. In addition to his on-air duties, Doug also schedules music for another station in the Morris Desert Radio Group and helps out in other departments.

Being the workaholic that he is, in his spare time (if there is such a thing) Doug produces a podcast with Niki who does the afternoons at The Eagle. You can check out his two person radio show at When driving to Los Angeles, you can also hear his voice on a few stations in the Inland Empire where he works weekends. As you can gather, Doug is not a big fan of sleep.

If you want to contact Doug you can email him at:

Written by: Craig Michaels
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