Today, I want to share my personal story about how I decided to develop a custom women’s sports corset. I had no idea I had underlying spine issues until I reached the age of 30. I developed severe chronic lower back pain after moving to the USA and starting my fitness journey. Naturally, I went to see a doctor, and that’s when I found out my diagnosis – S-shaped scoliosis. S-shaped scoliosis refers to a sideways curvature of the spine resembling the letter “S.” This curvature results in an uneven distribution of pressure on the vertebrae, leading to various back problems, particularly during physical activity.

Discovering my diagnosis, naturally, I started looking for ways to improve the situation. I was determined to continue my workouts but had to change something to address the pain. Besides, due to the spinal curvature, I couldn’t maintain the correct form during the exercises and follow the proper techniques, which in turn aggravated my pain even further.

I explored various corset brands that could provide support and alleviate the discomfort. Over time, as I increased my muscle mass and strengthened my natural back core, I noticed a gradual improvement in my condition. Despite this progress, the available corsets on the market failed to entirely meet my specific needs. The existing corsets had certain limitations. Their straight design often caused discomfort around the waist due to bunching up, and some were either excessively rigid or not sufficiently supportive to my preference.


In 2020, I realized that the only way to find the absolute perfect corset for my workouts was to make it myself. I aspired to create something unique, tailor-made for women, by a woman deeply passionate about sports and physical well-being. Thus, my custom corset is made from an elastic synthetic material that perfectly contours the female body shape, providing an optimal level of support without impeding blood circulation while effectively stabilizing the muscles in their correct position. To ensure a great fit, the corset is carefully tailored, taking into account the female anatomy and the natural curve of the waist, unlike the straight cut of other compression belts.

Advantages of wearing my women’s sports corset during workouts:

  1. Postural Support: The primary objective of my corset is to maintain proper spinal alignment during exercise. This is particularly crucial for individuals with scoliosis or other spinal curvatures, as maintaining correct posture reduces stress on the spine and helps prevent back pain. Furthermore, it enhances the efficiency of workouts and mitigates the risk of injuries. 2. Alleviating Discomfort: The unique design of my corset ensures optimal back support, alleviating lower back pain and discomfort. 3. Posture Correction: In addition to wearing the corset during workouts, I find that it helps me engage and strengthen my core and back muscles while teaching my spine to maintain the correct position. As a result, it proves beneficial for individuals with underdeveloped core muscles, osteoporosis, and hypermobile joints. 4. Postpartum Recovery Assistance: The elasticity of the corset facilitates proper muscle alignment, even in cases of diastasis recti (abdominal muscle separation). Additionally, it aids in tightening stretched skin. Beyond the aesthetic aspect, this corrects posture and supports both the abdominal and back muscles, reducing the risk of severe back pain.

Moreover, wearing a corset has been associated with several other potential advantages. Some medical professionals believe that it may help alleviate anxiety, possibly due to the sensation of embracing warmth. Additionally, it could enhance diaphragmatic breathing, reduce menstrual cramps, and offer other benefits. However, it is essential to exercise caution when using a corset:

  • Prior to incorporating a corset into one’s routine, especially if you have any pre-existing health conditions such as scoliosis, you should consult with a medical professional or physical therapist. They can assess whether a corset is suitable for your individual needs and provide guidance on its appropriate usage. • It is advisable to limit the duration of corset wear to a few hours per day. Prolonged use may inadvertently weaken the back and core muscles, as reliance on the corset might hinder the natural development of proper muscle strength.

To conclude, the sports women’s corset I developed has become integral to my fitness journey. It has effectively addressed scoliosis-related issues, significantly enhancing my workout experience. Nonetheless, I must emphasize that individual circumstances may vary, and seeking professional guidance before adopting a corset is essential. By nurturing our bodies, they will undoubtedly reciprocate the care and attention we provide. To learn more about my product please call or text (760) 880-9904

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