By Bronwyn Ison

Have you been naughty or nice in 2016?  You may have grown up hearing this adage during the Christmas season.  If you were naughty you may not expect to find as many presents under the tree.  However, if you were nice you may have a plethora of gifts awaiting you.  Regardless, you may have been naughty or very nice when it pertains to you over wellness.  When it comes to New Year’s Resolutions or goals for an upcoming year, weight loss, getting healthy, and being happy top the lists.

The average American may gain as much as 30 pounds between the months of October till the end of the December.  This is a startling statistic.  I bet if you were privy to these numbers you may have thought twice before having that piece of Halloween candy.  Also, the average person is said to gain as little as five pounds during the Christmas holiday.

What most of us do not realize one bite here and another there will catch up to you. Plus, with all the hustle and bustle of life during the holidays it may be challenging to find time to exercise.  You may have slipped out of your routine simply to keep up with all of your social activities and family life. 


As we approach 2017 here are some suggestions in setting resolutions or goals for the upcoming year.

Be Realistic.  Keep in mind those old habits die-hard.  Set goals that will be manageable for you to maintain.  Commence with infantile steps.  You can always step up the goal and add to your resolution(s).  It is easy to get excited about what you can obtain in your future. However, you do not want to fall short of your aspirations because you were not methodical in your approach. 

Losing weight and eating healthier may be in your list.  When it comes to exercising it is always fun to have an accountability partner.  If you have a friend or your spouse desires to lose weight, commence a workout plan together.  Studies show if you have a workout buddy you are more likely to show up because you don’t care to disappoint the other person. 

Changing your diet may also top the list.  This requires discipline all on your own. Each day you have a choice as to what to put in your body.  Resist high carb foods, sugar, to much caffeine, alcohol, and processed foods.  Nourish your body with foods that will give you energy.  If it grows on a tree, out of the ground, walks on earth or swims in the sea, these are foods you should feed to your body and soul. 

Choose to be kind to your body.  Abusing your body will make you feel lousy in overall body and soul.  You deserve the best.  2017 is your year for success.

Bronwyn Ison is the owner of Evolve Yoga. 760.564.YOGA